2022 Hobby Year in Review

Let’s see what’s happened in hobby over the last year.


After two years of ridiculous hobby productivity, this year’s output has come back down to earth. Between the world opening back up, and frankly some hobby burnout, I completed a lot less this year. But it’s still a pretty good haul.

I’ve done some more solo gaming, with a few sessions of Rangers of Shadow Deep producing some of the most evocative stories I’ve gotten out of miniature games. I suspect it’s because I’m spending less time trying to outthink my opponent, and more time trying to make sense of the semi-random outcome.

Adepticon happened this year and was a blast. I probably managed to underschedule myself, though maybe that means I got enough sleep for once.

I still haven’t returned to playing at the shop, though I have a standing weekly garage game with a buddy, and an occasional drive out for a more distant friend.

Malifaux, long a staple of my minis world, has taken a back seat this year, with zero completed models (though I’ve got some that I need to finish basing). For whatever reason, the new stuff wasn’t grabbing me. Plus, I think I burned myself out on painting Malifaux during lockdown.

The regular RPG game I host with my kids is ongoing, though full weekend schedules means it’s been a few weeks between sessions. Maybe some day I’ll write it up here.

Total: 265 models, a 35.4% decrease from last year, but still a 51% increase from pre-covid 2019

  • 17 Arena Rex
  • 22 Crisis Protocol
  • 32 Carnevale
  • 16 Underworlds
  • 12 Bushido
  • 52 terrain
  • 37 Sludge
  • 12 Freeblades
  • 20 Don’t Look Back
  • 45 other

Arena Rex

With more garage game time, Arena Rex is getting some play. With this year’s hobby I have nearly a complete set. I hope to fill in the gaps soon.

Crisis Protocol

Crisis Protocol is a fun game that lets you throw terrain (and other superheroes) around the board. Sign me up.


I’ve eyed Carnevale for years, and finally bought it on a whim while visiting a hobby shop away from home. All the factions speak to me, though so far I’ve managed to resist buying them all. I also suckered my friend into buying in with me. It’s got a narrative drive. There’s a story campaign at Adepticon this year I’ve very tempted by, even though it’s an 8 hour event which I usually skip.


Underworlds remains my hobby popcorn, although with price hikes I feel it’s less good of a value. On the other hand, I’ve been playing some Rivals format, which is great fun.


I bought Bushido at Adepticon years ago, but then never played it. Then a friend picked it for a “pick a skirmish game, and we’ll each paint up a force” and play. So I got the Ito starter for the new edition and painted it along with the stuff I hadn’t gotten to before. I like the game, though I feel it’s a bit heavy on the bookkeeping.


Garage gaming means lots of excuses for terrain. Crisis Protocol has some great looking sets, plus I got a scattering of other stuff. I even played with making stuff out of foam.


Sludge, from Metal King Studio (of Relicblade fame) is a game published in Blaster, the fantastic skirmish games magazine. It captures the brutality of war in a fantastic napoleonic setting.


Freeblades is a game I had seen at Adepticon for years, but had never looked into. This year, I played a demo event. It tries to play like a D&D party but a minis game. Reading the rulebook, it takes a very detailed simulation approach, unlike the looser feel of Relicblade. I think it might be too detailed for me to drive in the garage, though I think I might have fun in a league or something. In any case, I couldn’t say no to soldiers riding dinosaurs.

Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back is a solo/coop game emulating a horror movie. It’s a fun diversion from the more competitive games I typically play.


And of course, there’s always more.

Buggies are what originally sold me on Lunar, so of course I had to get them painted.

Hacking up some Hot Wheels has been on my todo list forever. I finally signed up for some events at Adepticon to force me to do it, and I am so happy I did.

Burrows and Badgers amuses me. I participated in the latest Kickstarter, but haven’t gotten a game.

Blitz Bowl has gotten a lot of play this year, but not a lot of hobby. But the new release of the Ultimate Edition gave me the excuse to add the troll to the goblin team.

I painted a semi-random assortment of fantasy miniatures. Some are models I picked up from game shops while on vacation or visiting family. Some were models I had primed and intended to paint 8 years ago, but never got around to until cleaning up the hobby desk.

And finally, my first bust. It’s a part of the hobby I’ve long considered, then bought on at Adepticon, then got intimidated and kept putting off. While I’m not exactly going to win any awards for it, I’m pleased with the results.

Looking to 2023

My family is looking at moving to a new city in 2023. That has significant hobby impacts. It means leaving behind the friends I play with. It means packing up my hobby space. It will probably mean not being able to paint for several months at least.

Right now I’m in a mad dash to get as much done as I can before I need to pack everything up. Then I’ll have a few months where I can play, but not hobby.

After that, I’ll need to figure it out again. Maybe I’ll find a shop to play at. Maybe I’ll focus more on solo stuff.

Tune in next year!

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