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Max: Rippa’s Snarlfangs

Just like Ruth’s treefolk, I picked these up for Max in lieu of an Adepticon model.


Max had fun helping with assembly. The Underworlds kits are press-fit, but I still glued them.


Max also carefully studied the box art to determine what colors to paint everything. He still needs some work on getting full coverage, but is improving.


We haven’t played a formal game with them yet, but Max has definitely lined them up against other models and done battle. He likes hooking the spear between the arms of other, lesser, creatures.

Max’s Rippa’s Snarlfangs

Next Gen 2019

As I’ve done before, I picked out some chibi models for the kids at Adepticon this spring. Eventually we got around to painting them.

Max’s cowboy

Max doesn’t really know who Indiana Jones is, so this is his cowboy. He was very insistent on putting a leave on the cowboy’s hat.

Ruth’s skeleton

Ruth selected the skeleton. She’s getting more particular about being “realistic”, so I had her do a wash and drybrush on the bones. She liked making the legs a bit muddy.

I bought a third chibi so I could paint whatever the kids didn’t select. But I haven’t gotten around to it. Actually, I still have my pony from last year. Oops.

Next Gen Part Three, Pony Edition

I continued the tradition of picking up some chibi models for the kids at Adepticon this year. This time it didn’t take a full year to get them painted.

Robot Pony by Max
Robot Pony by Max

Max’s (age four) favorite color is blue. Can you tell? This year I encouraged him to try drybrushing to pick out the highlights, and dot the eyes with white for a bit of life. He also wanted to edge the bases with an orange paint that he had previously gotten for me as a gift.

Seahorse Pony by Ruth
Seahorse Pony by Ruth

Ruth (age seven) is starting to think a bit more realistically than just blocks of color. I helped her with some washes. She wanted pink metal as base edging, so I mixed some up for her.

I also got myself a chibi knight pony, but haven’t gotten around to painting it yet.