7TV: Wasteland Cultists B

Why settle for just one pack of wasteland cultists, when you can have two?

Wasteland Cultist (backpack)

These feel more like minions (or extras, in the 7TV parlance) than the other pack.

Wasteland Cultist (female shotgun)

But don’t worry, they’re still in uniform.

Wasteland Cultist (male shotgun)

And now they’ve got rad beards.

Wasteland Cultist (sword)

A beard, a sword, and goggled. Look out.

Wasteland Cultists B (group)

7TV: Wasteland Cultists A

When I ordered scatter terrain from Crooked Dice, I picked up some wasteland cultists to go with it. Their models so much character it’s hard to resist.

Cultist (chainsaw)

These guys have been culting long enough to get a pretty good uniform going.

Cultist (sandwich board)

I always have a hard time with text, especially deciding what to put. I started with “stop it now” for the front. Which naturally lead to the back.

Cultist (road sign)

Symbols are easier.

Cultist (skull helmet)

This model is a delightful mix of judge, priest, and nun. I’m all about it.

Wasteland Cultists A

Malifaux: Flying Piglets

I got Alphonse, so figured I’d keep filling out the Wong crew with some Flying Piglets.

Flying Piglet (brown wings)

These are nasty undead creatures. Not quite so explosive as a Stuffed Piglet, but more oozie.

Flying Piglet (green wings)

I added some Plaguebearer Flesh, a GW contrast paint, to random splotches to play up the undead quality. The translucent paint did the trick of tinting things an unnatural yellow-green.

Flying Piglet (skull)

Oops, somebody left this guy’s head in the pot for too long. Oh well.

Flying Piglets (group)