Fallout: Super Mutants Faction Box

I have vague ideas about playing Fallout single player, coop, or just with a bunch of NPCs on the board. That gives me an excuse to paint (and buy) everything. The main starter box gives a start for the super mutants. Here are a few more.

Super Mutant Brute

Like in the two-player starter, the Brute’s hammer was a bit bent. I was able to mostly reshape this resin model with heat. I didn’t end up needing to replace the shaft entirely like the PVC starter box model.

Super Mutant Master

The Master is the one unique guy in the box, at least according to the stat cards. He has a nice hat.

Disappointingly, these are the same sculpts, down to the base, as in the two-player starter. I went with a different paint scheme so they can be used as Fiends. Or just to be different.

The box comes with three generic “Super Mutants”. I decided to keep one in reserve for future conversions.

Super Mutants Faction Box

Underworlds: Sepulchral Guard

When I decided to give Underworlds a try, I went around to get what discontinued Shadespire warbands I could find without markup. Many of the first season warbands are highly usable as general fantasy models. Case in point, the skeletal Sepuchral Guard.

The Sepulchral Warden

I went a little further weathering armor, using Secret Weapon’s verdigris and rust paints. The green on the armor contrasts nicely with the red cloak.

The Champion

The bones is GW Contrast Skeleton Horde over a zenithal white primer, with some extra highlights.

The Harvester

I experimented using a Vallejo Buff under the Skeleton Horde on the Harvester. It’s far too yellow for my taste, but not enough to paint over it.

The Prince of Dust

In game, these guys thing seems to be getting re-summoned. In fact, that’s how they Inspire. They don’t have as much mobility as the Nightvault high model count undead, the Nighthaunts.

Sepulchral Guard

Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

Underworlds has board game-styled boards, which is nice for quick setup, but far flatter than I’m used to. Fortunately, starting with Underworlds, GW has released plastic terrain kits with pieces for each of boards’ special hexes.

For blocked hexes, it’s very useful to have the terrain as truly blocked. For some of the hazardous hexes (the tentacle pit of doom), the piece is flat enough for a model to stand on. For others, you’ll need to move the marker off the hex. That makes them somewhat less useful and immersion-breaking. Ahh, well, it’s better than nothing.

Relicblade: Gilblin Fishers (round 2)

Scheduled for release at Adepticon this year, the Gilblin Fishers come in pairs (both as models, and as. But Metal King, stretching their evil genius muscles, offered them at a discount in a six-pack. And why buy two when you can buy six?

I quickly painted up the first pair, but the rest had to wait their turn.

They are single piece metal models, which means you’d need to be creative to repose them for more variety. I wasn’t feeling that creative, so just went with different colors.

The main body color are continued experimentation with GW contrast paints. At some point I should stop calling it experimentation and just admit they’re a regular tool in my hobby toolbox.

These models remain super fun, with friendly teeth and tongue, big happy and/or terrified eyes. Who wouldn’t want to be their friend?

Gilblin Fishers (group)