Malifaux: Vintage McMourning

I got Vintage McMourning as a random promo a while ago. Now that I’m apparently doing Resurrectionists, it seemed appropriate to paint it up.

Vintage McMourning

I’ve taken McMourning as a second master in one game. He pretty much single-handedly won me the game. His ability to ignore a bunch of defensive abilities makes him super dangerous. Unfortunately, his discard-to-move-4″ ability doesn’t synergize with the Fading abilities that Molly brings to the table.

Ultramarines: Tactical Squad I

From time to time I’ll reach into the hobby vault to feature models painted before I started this blog.

This Tactical squad, although fourth to be posted and labeled as squad I, was actually the second one I painted, back early 2012 or so. It’s the squad from the fifth edition Assault on Black Reach box.

Ultramarines Tactical Squad I (sergeant group)

It was also the first infantry I painted using an airbrush to put down the basecoats.

Ultramarines Tactical Squad I (meltagun group)

The meltagun is a small conversion, since I believe it came with a flamer.

Ultramarines Tactical Squad I (missile launcher group)

Malifaux: Pirate Archie

The Nightmare Brine and Bones box emphatically includes a hat for Archie. It even includes an alt stat card with the hat and the name Arrrchie. Who am I to argue?


My friend Sean was kind enough to provide a cutlass from Wyrd’s old Driftwood Docks accessory pack, to complete the pirate theme.

I tried to use a couple skin tone variants to drive home the idea that the limbs had been stitched together, though it doesn’t come through much on the end product.