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Relicblade: Wilderkin

The Wilderkin are the final faction pack for the Advocates in Relicblade.

Stonekin Battleborn

The Stonekin is my favorite model out of the pack. His stony skin was shaded first with an airbrush, then washed and edge highlighted. In game he’s a tough and strong, but hungry for dice.

The Geomancer comes with two summable stones, although there’s no in-game restriction on the number. I like the less-common stone theme for the magic user.

Gnome Alchemist on Shadowfox

I always have trouble painting animals. Sometimes there’s enough texture on the model that I can cheat with a drybrush. The shadowfox is not such a beast.

I picked up the Battlesmith on Ibex as part of my original Relicblade purchase at Adepticon last year. The rules let you mix and match mounts and riders, so long as the size matches. So I drilled into both to insert magnets and make them swappable. I started with 1/16″, but that wasn’t strong enough. I had to drill out the magnets themselves (not recommended) to make room for 1/8″.

Wilderkin (group)

Relicblade: Lostwood Enclave

Relicblade’s latest Kickstarter is starting fulfillment. One of the new factions is the Lostwood Enclave. Half of the Lostwood models were previously part of the two-player starter, but half of the models are new.

Arboleth Sentinel

The Arboleth Sentinel is Relicblade’s take on the treeman. I decided on a highly weathered gray look, using Secret Weapon’s acrylics. I had a hard time getting my highlights to look right, so I cheated and just drybrushed. The textures really lend themselves to it.

Wild Elf Pathfinder

I’m generally not a huge fan of sculpted smoke like on the Pathfinder, but it’s used to good effect to allow a dynamic pose while maintaining a solid connection to the base.

Lostwood Enclave