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Relicblade: Advocate Paragons

These paragons are the named character variants for Relicblade. Of course I had to have them.

Nelda the Keeper

These are a fun way to revisit existing character types.

Nelda’s Bear Form

I love the bear. Especially the shared chest piece with the druid form. I went for a polar bear look.

Lady Aurelia

I wish Lady Aurelia was more distinct from the regular version. Maybe she could get a giant mace instead of a sword. Or, even better, have a sword sheathed on her back, because she’s delivering a Writ of Justice.

Teklin Eldenfoord

Now we just need a set for Adversary.

Advocate Paragons

Relicblade: Gnome Magister

Here we are at the last of the latest Relicblade Kickstarter, the Gnome Magister. Of course, it took me long enough that now there are some new Paragon models. But that is for the future.

Gnome Magister

The Magic Carpet is a mount, so technically the Magister could be mounted on the Shadowfox or Ibex. I decided to skip the magnetizing thing for this time. At some point I hope to buy another and convert the legs to better fit on one of those creatures.

Relicblade: Lone Guard Watchmen

We first saw the team mechanic with the Gilblin Fishers. Now it’s time for the advocate to get some.

Lone Guard Watchman (axe)

I like that both have bows and axes on them, although each is wielding one of them. It reflects their stat cards nicely, while adding a nice variety within the team.

Lone Guard Watchman (bow)

I gave them gray-brown cloaks to better differentiate them from their more elite counterparts. They’ll earn their colors when they graduate.

Lone Guard Watchmen (team)

Relicblade: Temple of Justice (2021)

Part of the latest Relicblade Kickstarter was resculpting some of the oldest models. So here we have new versions of the Temple of Justice.

Questing Knight (2021)

The Questing Knight was my favorite of the original bunch. At first I wasn’t too sure about the new one. But the detail on the armor won me over.

Cleric of Justice (2021)

I totally dig these dragonmen. Give me more.

Spirit Weapon (2021)

Last time I painted the whole weapon as if it were made of spirit magic. This time, I decided it was a (relatively) normal weapon, being used by magic.

Thief (2021)

The rogue was my least favorite of the original set, at least in part due to my paint job. So why did I choose the same color scheme? Oh well, at least the shoes and kneepads are more different than the skin.

Temple of Justice (2021)