Moonstone: Mama’s Boys (Mama Gimble, Quarrel, Billy)

Moonstone has been on my radar on and off ever since the first Kickstarter. I saw it being played at Adepticon this year, and finally decide to take the plunge.


If I’m honest, it’s this model that pushed me over the edge. It’s also not the first gnome on a goat to get me to buy into a game.

Mama Gimble

Don’t make Mama Gimble tell you to do the dishes one more time. You will regret it.


And of course, a nice helmet and vest to bring it all together.

Mama’s Boys

Shatterpoint: Plans and Preparation (Luminara squad)

More lightsabers please.

Jedi Master Luminara Unduli

I love the battle nun look of the Luminara box.

Barriss Offee, Jedi Padawan

I did some spots on Barriss Offe’s cloak, but they’re practically invisible in the final product. Sooner or later I’ll learn to be garish in the first pass so contrasts survive washes.

Like the 501st, I uses washes and chipping to keep the clones from being too white. I also take whatever excuse I can to apply contrast in the details, like the shoulder pads and below the chest plate.

Plans and Preparation

Shatterpoint: Appetite for Destruction (General Grievous squad)

What good is just a starter set? My daughter played the Shatterpoint demo with me, and when we decided to both participate in a four-week league at the local shop. I let my daughter pick the first box to expand into. She picked Grievous and his many arms.

General Grievous

Grievous as a model has lots of spindly bits. I’m not looking forward to putting him in foam. So far he’s been transported with some blue tack to the lid of a plastic box.


Kraken is the same sort of robot as Kalani from the starter. I did his filigree without metallics to try to give a little more to distinguish them, though it could use more.

I gave a few panels a lighter shade and stippled on some browns to give these B2s some visual depth.

Appetite for Destructions (General Grievous squad)