Fallout: Vault Dwellers

The vault dwellers make a good addition either as fresh recruits for Survivors, or as foes for someone exploring that cave opening.

Vault Dweller (grenade)

The dweller can be distinguished from the Sole Survivors due to their lack of armor.

Vault Dweller (two-handed grip)

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready for action.

Vault Security (aimed)

Vault security is also available to put down any insurrection. Though with the careful planning of Vault-Tec, they surely won’t be needed.

Vault Security (baton ready)

Perhaps non-lethal attacks will be enough.

Vault Dwellers (group)

Underworlds: Godsworn Hunt

The Godsworn Hunt is the first Underworlds warband I’ve painted that’s mostly just humans. Maybe extra fighty and somewhat magic humans, but no body spikes or snake hybrids.


They still have rad hair, though.

Grundann Blood-Eye

I tried brushing on colorshift paint for some of the metallics, like Grundann’s skull shoulder pad. It’s not as strong at shifting as when airbrushed, but I like it as a subtle effect.


The dirt is a muted purple, which contrasts against the greenery nicely without being too cartoonish.


Here again is the colorshift, this time on the blade on the shoulder pad.

Shond Head-Claimer

That sword just look uncomfortable to carry around when not in battle.


The best warbands have a little critter to help out.

Godsworn Hunt