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Reaper: Giant Cthulhu

I got this model way back when in the original Reaper Bones Kickstarter. He’s been on the shelf, assembled, biding his time for several years. I decided to use him as a test model for the Dust Mythos Cthulhu monsters. But then I got impatient and painted them all at the same time.

Reaper Giant Cthulhu (with Cultist for scale)
Reaper Giant Cthulhu (with Cultist for scale)

This model is seriously huge, and mostly a solid, heavy, chunk of PVC. So far he doesn’t have any game purposes, but he does like to supervise my hobby desk.


Painted Guys: The Next Generation

Ruth, my four-year-old daughter, has been very interested in my hobby stuff.  She asks to see what I’m working on.  She especially liked the egg that came the Wyrd Easter order.  So I asked her if she’d like to paint it.  Of course, she said yes.

She helped me wash the model, and I cleaned up the seam lines and glued it to the base.  She primed it with the airbrush (with some help), and eventually we found a time to actually paint it.

Puppet Dude
Puppet Dude

I worked on a different model, but Ruth was much faster.  She soon asked for another.  Luckily  I had some random Reaper stuff primed, so gave her a second.  This one she said was sitting on the sun.  My wife suggested glitter for the basing material.

Kobold on the Sun
Kobold on the Sun

They might not win any awards, but we had fun.

Iron Painter Round 1: Fool’s Gold

I’m participating in Wyrd’s Iron Painter.  In each round, participants are paired off and given two weeks to complete a miniature to fit a theme.  Round one’s theme is “Fool’s Gold.”

I’ve decided to interpret that as this poor idiot carrying too much and getting stuck in quicksand.

The model is Reaper’s Oswald the Overladen Henchman, yet another from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter.

I had sculpted a ripple effect into the base, but the texture (corn meal) seems to have filled it all in.