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Reaper: Giant Rats and Fire Beetles

Furthering my collection of random monsters, here’s some random vermin, still in my pile of unpainted Reaper Bones.

Giant Rats

The giant rats neatly fit four to a 1″ square, which I seem to recall being handy for D&D.

Fire Beetles

These fire beetles will likely double for giant spiders. The sculpt fills in space under the legs, presumably for production purposes. I couldn’t be bothered to cut them out, but it’s hardly noticeable and just fine for this level of creature.

Reaper: Post-Apoc Monsters

I bought these models from the Reaper Bones line to act as giant mutant monsters for post-apoc games. I’m never very happy with my results for animals, but somehow forget them that when buying them.

Dire Bear

The Dire Bear is pretty straightforward, and would be equally at home on a Relicblade board.

Were Armadillo

The Were Armadillo is probably favorite from the set. The integrated base was pretty badly warped, but I trimmed it down and then built up a little hill with green stuff.

Were Crocodile

The Were Crocodile is supposed to be painted like a black caiman, but I’m not sure it came through. At least it adds a bit more interest than just green through and through.