Random: Andre Durand, Time Chaser

Andre Durand here is the latest miniature from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter to be completed.

I kept it simple, just some basecoats, washes, and drybrushes.  I did pick out a bit more of the detail with the highlight after drybrushing, though.

Andre Durand

And with that, the backlog is officially complete!  Which, of course, means I’m free to buy more miniatures, so I’ll probably build up a new one all too soon.

Updated November 2017 with improved images.

Ultramarines: Multimelta Marine

While I was painting up the last Tactical Squad, I added one more into the mix.

I bought a devastator box for cheap over a year ago, and have waffled on what exactly to do with it.  It doesn’t have enough included duplicated weapons to make an effective Devastator Squad or to equip a bunch of Tacticals.

Multimelta Marine

I decided that I was letting the indecision hold me back from doing anything with them, so I’d make up the multimelta as an option for one of the tacticals.

I went with marking it for Squad I, since that’s the one without raised Ultramarines shoulder pads, so I thought it would fit in the best.

The end of the backlog is so close I can taste it.  Just one more Reaper Bones to go!

Updated July 2018 with improved images.

Ultramarines: Another Tactical Squad

This is the second Tactical Squad I bought as part of the Strikeforce.  Now I’ve got the other Tactical, Scouts, Razorback, and Drop Pod done from that box.  That’s all that I’m planning to do for now, although the idea of the Deathwatch Dreadnought does intrigue me.

Tactical Marines (sergeant group)

Once again, I’m using Custom Minis tactical shoulder pads and GW Ultramarines ones.

This is the fourth tact squad in my adult hobby career, but I use markings for the 5th squad.  The first one I painted has plain blue pads.  The second and third are marked I and II.  I decided to use V on these, since I thought it would fit the raised arrow better than III or IV.

Tactical Marines (flamer group)

Of course, the special weapon is magnetized.  Sadly, the only heavy that comes in the box is the missile launcher.

Tactical Marines (missile launcher group)

I finished this unit off just in time for the Inquisition War finale.  It’s going to be an apoc-lite game, so it may not even be silly to have four tact squads running around.

Updated December 2018 with improved images.

Reaper: Ape-X

Ape-X is another Reaper Bones miniature from the first Kickstarter.  I decided that I was tired of doing brown all the time, so went for green.  Giant mutant cyborg gorillas don’t have to be realistic, right?


I kept it really simple, just a basecoat, wash, and drybrush.  It’s not going to win any awards, but it still looks nice.

Updated February 2018 with improved images.