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Carnevale: Escape from San Canciano Guild

A buddy picked up the smaller Carnevale starter box, the Escape from San Canciano. It’s at a very attractive price, but unfortunately the contents really suffer for it. For example, instead of cardstock Venice tiles, you get a poster.


The Arbalest adds some much needed long range combat.


On the plus side, it comes with two four-model crew of unique sculpts. My buddy was kind enough to share the Guild half of it with me.


I’ve run into a couple of nets like this. I think this is the first one that I’ve actually been happy with how it looks.


Watch out, the toeless bandit is on the loose!

Guild Escape from San Canciano

Carnevale: House of Virtue

The starter set for a game is never enough, so I selected an extra box for each included faction. As usual, I completely ignored every game factor and went purely on what models looked fun to paint. For the Guild, it’s this House of Virtue.


The Dancer might be lithe, but be careful, she’s a dagger.


The Escort is ready to mess anyone up who gets out of line.

Next up is this pair of Harlots, with quite distinct approached to their craft.


And keeping tabs on everybody, the Madame.

House of Virtue

Carnevale: Guild Starter

Fish monsters need somebody to fight. The other half of the Carnevale starter is this group of Guild.


The crew is led by this Capodecina. His outfit has some nice details.

The set comes with this large block of Citizens. They come from all walks of life but will each be happy to stab and/or bludgeon you in the face.

This pair of Fishermen bring a bit more muscle to the crew, including the ability to attack in the water. Look out fishie friends.


Finally, the Gondolier will cut you with his bladed oar.