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Malifaux: Corrupted Hounds

The Corrupted Hounds are cheap minions for Nekima. They don’t play into her grow mechanic, but they do run around and tie models up.

Corrupted Hound (blue)

In groups they can even become scheme runners. Though at that point they’re not especially cheap.

Corrupted Hound (grey)

I decided on using color to help distinguish them. They’re unnatural enough that the colors don’t need to be especially natural.

There’s tiny connections to their bases, with feet to small to pin. My Neverborn have bases made with balsa wood. Hopefully they stick.

Corrupted Hound (orange)

Because they’re Neverborn, somebody’s got to be purple. I think there’s a rule somewhere in Gaining Grounds about that.

Corrupted Hound (purple)
Corrupted Hounds (group)

Malifaux: Cojo and Razorspine Rattler

Marcus needs some friends. The Cerberus got painted long ago, but here are some others.


Cojo is a tough model because there isn’t much fur sculpted. I’m pretty happy with the transition between fur and a bald chest.

Razorspine Rattler

For the Rattler, I wanted to go bold with the colors. I especially like the purple stripe down his back, though some of the gap filling is clumsy at best.

Malifaux: Marcus and Jackalope

I bought the Marcus box around when the Winter Wonderland alt Rasputina box was release, and quickly painted Myranda and the Cerberus. One of the last things I assembled and prepped for paint before the M3E annoucement was the rest of the box. But then I was less interested in new Malifaux models.


Well, now M3E’s been out for a year, so I gotta keep working on that backlog. Marcus got a new box with new sculpts, but that doesn’t invalidate his old one.


Plus, who doesn’t want a rabid rabbit sitting on a human head?