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Malifaux: Mysterious Effigy

I ignored the Effigies for a long time. With the Arcanists, I started playing with the Arcane Effigy. His condition removal is really good, but a cheap resilient fast model is always useful. So I’m finally giving these little puppets a look.

Mysterious Effigy
Mysterious Effigy

Model wise, it’s pretty basic. The masks seem to match those on the Insidious Madnesses,  but I didn’t want to do white here. Instead, I wanted to tie it closer to the faction, which means mostly purples.

2017 Hobby Year in Review

Once again it’s time for a reflection on a year of hobby.


I started the year with a deadline looming. A Team Yankee campaign was getting started. I had just acquired enough models to fill out an army and only had about five weeks to get it table ready. I also had Dropzone Commander and Arena Rex backburnered.

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Malifaux: Alt Nekima

I’ve long been dissatisfied with my Nekima model. That sculpt doesn’t have much of a menacing presence. I’m amused by the basing I did to try to address that issue, but the rest of the paint job is mundane. That just won’t do for a model that makes it into nearly every Neverborn crew I play, so I knew I’d need to get the alternate.

Alt Nekima
Alt Nekima

This one is delightfully bulky. The sword is a bit hokey, so I tried to jazz up the sword with energetic blue on the detailing. It didn’t come out quite like I had hoped.

I decided to go with natural colors for her main body: human flesh tones, brown hair/fur, brown-grays for the hooves and horns. I did blues and purples for her jacket and leggings to bring in my go-to Neverborn colors.

Original plastic Nekima was the first model I posted the Spin-o-matic for, although I’ve since reshot it. It seems fitting that Alt Nekima is the last model of this hobby year.


Malifaux: Mature Nephilim

Following up from the Young, it’s time to meet the big brother.

Mature Nephilim
Mature Nephilim

I went back to the lighter purple for this guy. I did the plastic Young in red and purple. The proxy I already have is red, so that means somebody needs to be purple. I used blue and gray in the accents to tie it to the metal Youngs a bit.

When I applied the wash (Secret Weapon Purple), it was so much darker than the skin that any sloppy wash placement caused real problems. One of these days I’ll remember this and mix an appropriate tone when washing over a lightly colored base.

In news that’s only exciting to me, this model completes my Wave One plastic Neverborn collection. I’ve still got quite a few to go before finishing any other wave, for this or any other faction.