Malifaux: Corrupted Hounds

The Corrupted Hounds are cheap minions for Nekima. They don’t play into her grow mechanic, but they do run around and tie models up.

Corrupted Hound (blue)

In groups they can even become scheme runners. Though at that point they’re not especially cheap.

Corrupted Hound (grey)

I decided on using color to help distinguish them. They’re unnatural enough that the colors don’t need to be especially natural.

There’s tiny connections to their bases, with feet to small to pin. My Neverborn have bases made with balsa wood. Hopefully they stick.

Corrupted Hound (orange)

Because they’re Neverborn, somebody’s got to be purple. I think there’s a rule somewhere in Gaining Grounds about that.

Corrupted Hound (purple)
Corrupted Hounds (group)

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