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Underwords: The Dread Pageant

The other warband in the Direchasm box is The Dread Pageant. This four-model crew features more diverse models than their boxmates, Myari’s Purifiers.


This warband gave me an excuse to play with purples and blues, which was fun.


I still struggle with lighter colored bases like this. At least it contrasts nicely with the model and statues that make the base details.


I think it would be hard to put on a shirt with a crab-arm like this.

Vasillac the Gifted

Looking at this now, it would have been cooler to make the shield fleshy instead of metallic.

The Dread Pageant

Underworlds: Myari’s Purifiers

Myari’s Purifiers is one of the two warbands in Direchasm, the latest season box for Underworlds.

Ailenn, the Mind’s Edge

I haven’t been keeping close eye on the Age of Sigmar factions, but I guess these are representatives of a new kind of elf.


All the models are exceptionally tall, making fitting them into foam tricky.

Myari Lightcaller

Myari’s owl is way cooler than Farstrider’s eagle. Fight me.


I’m getting more confident painting white. The secret, of course, is not to actually use white, but various grays.

Myari’s Purifiers