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Malifaux: Beast Within and Vogel

I’m very slowly growing my Arcanists collection, although it may be a bit haphazard. Today’s contribution is Vogel and the Beast Within.

Ferdinand Vogel
Ferdinand Vogel

One of the interesting aspects of these models is that they represent different manifestations of the same character. In theory, it’s the same outfit between the two.

The Beast Within
The Beast Within

Like all too many large Malifaux models, there was a nasty seam both around the head and around the hinge of the jaw. I managed to clean up the worst of it, but there are still some pretty visible seams in the cuffs, shoulders, and wrists.

I have vague ideals of playing both Marcus and Lucius, both of which have some interesting possibilities using Vogel/the Beast. With the M3E annoucement, it’s hard to know what is still a good idea. On the plus side, I’ve got plenty of other hobby projects to keep me busy.

Malifaux: Ice Dancers

Well, I’ve got Mr Cooper and his Showgirls. I’ve got Rasputina an her Frozen Heart. I guess I should get the models that have both.

Ice Dancer (green)

I’m still not totally sure how I feel about the icy slopes the models come on. But I am pretty happy with the blue effect on them. It ties nicely into the magic blue snow of the Snow Gamin and Rasputina’s magic swirl.

Ice Dancer (blue)

The ribbons and capes give a nice hint of movement, but I’m fairy certain the ribbons are not going to last long before they break.

Malifaux: Myranda

With an ever-growing Arcanists collection, Myranda would have to make an appearance eventually. Fortunately, I was able to snag a Marcus box for cheap off eBay.Myranda

MyrandaI continued the pale green and red-violet scheme, with some blue-black leather for variety. I wanted gray for the rocks to contrast with the brown earth. I gave her hair similar treatment, to pull the model together.