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Malifaux: Arcane Effigy

I’ve played the Dark Carnival crew a couple of times now. While I’m pretty well set on big beaters, I’m lacking in smaller models. Arcane Effigy, with condition removal, fits the bill nicely.Arcane Effigy

Arcane EffigyThis little guy is deceptively tricky. All the arms and candle holders make for a spindly assembly. Then when painting, the insides of the leg straps are hard to get to. They’re visible enough that you can’t ignore them.

Malifaux: Dr Alexei Solokov (alt Joss)

This model represents my second Guilder model. Unlike Vintage Pandora, the sculpt itself is kind of underwhelming. But slap a “limited edition” label on it and I’m helpless, evidently.

Dr Alexei Solokov
Dr Alexei Solokov

Between the Coryphee, Miss Step, and now Dr Alexei, my Dark Carnival crew is be spoiled for choice for big point hitters. Now I just need more special edition little guys to fill it out.