Malifaux: December Acolytes

With M3E came some new sculpts and rearranging of existing crew boxes. December Acolytes got a resculpt and promoted to the main Rasputina box. Since I already had the Nightmare Rasputina set, and preferred the old sculpts, I went out and found a set of the old December Acolytes.

December Acolyte (reaching)

They seem generally useful, especially as an anti-armor counter pick.

December Acolyte (wrist crossbow)

For color scheme I went with the same burgundy red cloaks and Rasputina, and then filled it in from there.

December Acolyte (weapon up)
December Acolytes (group)

Malifaux: Hoarcats

The Hoarcats come three to a box. Back in the day, it was a Hoarcat Pride, and intended to all sit on the same 40mm base. Now they’re individuals, but seem undersized for a 40mm.

Hoarcat (solo)

The solution, of course, is to build up the base.

Hoarcats (pair)

I don’t see myself taking three cats, so I still put this pair on a single base. I wanted them to be fighting, but I managed to misalign one when gluing down. Ah well.