Malifaux: Sammy and Merris LaCroix

These are the first models painted from my Wyrd Black Friday order.  It also finished out the Kin models.  I almost beat Sammy’s general release.

Sammy is like a mini-Zoraida in game, and the model really reflects it.  She has the voodoo doll thing going on, complete with extra pins in her hat.  I decided to paint her in the purples and blues that a lot of my Neverborn are painted to complete the imitation.

Merris is more of a mini-Kaeris.  I don’t much in the way of Arcanists (just a lone Performer I use as a mercenary) to reference the paint off of.  Instead, I decided to paint her to match Lenny, since I think they’d make a nice couple..

I thought the rocket plume looked a bit hokey, and considered leaving it off.  I decided to give it a go, and I’m pretty happy with the combination of flame and smoke.  I wish it covered the whole base, though.