Terrain: Small Scatter

This is the final collection of scatter terrain from Crooked Dice. Instead of medium sized pieces, each enough to hide a model, these are small individual pieces. Taken all together, they can add a lot more life to a scene.


The crates match the previous crate clumps. They could be stacked up, or maybe just put around the corner.

Trade goods

The trade goods could go on a table or maybe in a cart.


Barrels, perhaps the most universal of all scatter terrain.

Terrain: Barrel and Crate Clusters

I continue to slowly put together a terrain collection. You really can never have enough scatter terrain. These pieces are from Crooked Dice, who makes a lovely collection of miniatures and terrain.

These crates would fit into just about any setting. Fantasy, modern, post-apoc, pulp, you name it.

The barrels as painted are more of a post-apoc, though they’d probably fit into a modern setting well enough, if it’s for a ramshackle location. The weathering is a bit haphazard, but that’s what makes it fun.