Don’t Look Back: Adepticon Seths

Black Site ran these alternate Seths as an Adepticon show special. I think this might be the first model I’ve had which, in the game fiction, has actually attended a con with me.

Seth the Hero

Seth is one of the heroes from the core Don’t Look Back box. He seems to be something of a mascot for the studio.

Seth the Villain

I’m not sure I like the implications of the villain being the guy who went overboard in the dealer hall…

Don’t Look Back: Supporting Characters

Don’t Look Back features supporting characters. Basically they’re NPCs who need to dragged around and/or eaten, but don’t get to play the heroes. The box comes with some tokens for them, but mixing models and tokens for characters never feels right to me.

Fortunately, one of the expansions available is this set of six models, along with some extra rules crunch. If nothing else, it’s a couple of modern civilians to fill out whatever random modern ruleset I might get into.