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Terrain: Wreck Age Roads

The final of my haul from the Wreck Age booth at Adepticon are these roads. They were part of the Wreck Age Kickstarter and are still occasionally available.

They’ve got a really neat texture and are made out of a semi-flexible resin. It takes to being drybrushed quite nicely, and I splashed on some other color to give a bit more interest.

The one with lane markings was done sponging yellow paint over the masked road. I should have measured the masking, since the spacing seems pretty off.

Terrain: Seed Bank Generator

To help make the Wreck Age Seed Bank starter pack an even better value, it includes a bit of terrain. This generator is the big piece, though it also comes with a variety of small bits that seem destined for the bit box.

Seed Bank Generator

The terrain itself seems to be from the Mantic Industrial collection and fits right into the setting. Painting terrain, and especially industrial / post-apoc terrain, is a fun excuse to be sloppy. Here I’ve used a grungy mix of oil washes, sponge chipping, drybrushing, and AK weathering pencils. The messier the better.

Wreck Age: Caravaneers

The Flockmaster went out of stock at the Adepticon booth, so the kind folks at Hyacinth Games shipped it out free later. And they threw in this pack of two models, which I’ve decided are Caravaneers. They’ll make a nice wandering stranger and his pack boar friend.

Caravaneer (pack boar)

The boar has a nice collection of random gear. I’m a sucker for pack animals, so he’ll fit right in,


Along with him is this sad looking man, a rifle slung along his back. He’s been walking for far too long, with only his boar to keep him company.

Caravaneers (group)