Terrain: Scrap Walls

These scrap walls are the siblings of the scrap gate I bought as part of the first batch of Crooked Dice terrain I bought. I liked the gate so much I needed to get more.

Scrap Wall A

The four wall pieces are each unique, with a mix of posts, barrels, crates, and tires.

Scrap Wall B

I painted them simply, with just a few common colors repeated. An oil wash really makes them grimey.

Scrap Wall C

I was thinking about Fallout when I bought these, but like most post-apoc it would work in a variety of modern or near-future settings.

Scrap Wall D

Underworlds: Garrek’s Reavers

The other warband from the original Shadespire box is Garrek’s Reavers.


I went with a variety of skin tones for these half-naked men. Arnulf is GW Contrast Darkoath Flesh, which is one of the thin style of contrast paints.

Blooded Saek

Blooded Saek is based on the Reaper Tanned Skins, my most standard of tones.

Garrek Gorebeard

Garrek Gorebeard (a GW character name if I ever heard one) is Reaper Fair Skin, because why not have a pasty white leader?

Karsus the Chained

Karsus and Targor are repeats, so there’s at least some consistency across the warband.


The hair is Secret Weapon rubbers, which ends up as a greenish gray. I like using them for grays that have some color to them, when I’m tired of the blues in Reaper Blue Liner.

Garrek’s Reavers

Underworlds: Eyes of the Nine

The Eyes of the Nine is a warband of Tzeentch, a flavor of demonhood I haven’t had much experience with. They’re more strange than monstrous. As usual, Underworlds gives a nice tour of the faction.

Vortemis the All-seeing

Vortemis has just one wing, which seems less than entirely useful. Still, it gave a chance to play a bit with blending.


The armor is the same color as I used on my Blitz Bowl dwarves. I tried to repeat the blending, but wasn’t fully successful.

Every daemonic force needs some humans to help out now and again.

Ahh, fire, my ancient nemesis.

Underworlds: Mollog’s Mob

Back to Underworlds. This time, Mollog’s Mob, featuring one large troll and three little friends.

Mollog the Mighty

Mollog the Mighty is the biggest Underworlds model I’ve run into so far. He’s got a serious fungus problem.


Like most of the Underworlds warbands, I focused on using Contrast paints, with others (mostly Reaper) to highlight or for colors I don’t have.

Bat Squig

The three squigs are such silly little creatures. Why have a clear flight stand when you can have a stalagmite come up to meet you?


The Stalagsquig is the strangest. Is it living rock? Pure fungus? Who knows?

Mollog’s Mob