Team Yankee: M163 VADS

The first thing I read about Team Yankee was that without dedicated AA anything airborne would eat you alive. So getting some VADS was high on my list.


I considered doing the whole magnet thing to make room for the missile carriers, but ended up deciding against it.

A group of four is pretty effective, when it has range. I find myself lusting after the Soviet Gophers with their fancy 56″ range. Or more precisely, my Cobras hate them.

Team Yankee: M1 Abrams (round 2)

I bought and painted the US starter for Team Yankee at a launch event back in late 2015. Other than a demo game or two, I hadn’t really played. Then Mike, the event coordinator and general instigator at Endgame started making noises about an invitational six month campaign. I knew that was my excuse to build up an army.

M1 Abrams (round two)
M1 Abrams (round two)

I wasn’t really very happy with how the models turned out the first time. The camo looked very airbrushed. I barely did any weathering. The models themselves looked austere without any stowage. So for new models I started over.

I tried using poster tack for as masking for the camo. I bought some AK weathering enamels, and used sponge chipping with Secret Weapon rust acrylics. I ordered 15mm stowage from Skytrex and The Scene UK.

I’m not 100% satisfied. I had to patch up the camo in places where the masking got bumped between colors. The chipping is somewhat erratic. But I’m much happier than last time.

M1 Abrams (group)
M1 Abrams (group)

Dropzone: Gen Wade / Broadsword

This tank is just so ridiculously big I knew I had to have it. When Reconquest: Phase 2 included rules for it as a regular model, I didn’t have any excuses. Well, then I managed to find excuses not to paint it for a long time.

General Wade / Broadsword

What Dropzone energy I have right now is directed towards Resistance, but I’ll have something fun to turn to when I decide to switch back to UCM.

Malifaux: Burt Jebson

The FLGS had some old M1.5E boxes on sale for 80% off. Burt’s been on my buy list, so it was pretty hard to say no to.

I took Burt to the Enforcer Brawl at Adepticon. In that format, you get a single Enforcer with an upgrade and get tossed onto a standard Malifaux table with 4-8 players. You get points for killing and wounding other models and lose points for dying. If you die, you come back on a random table edge on your next activation. I was hoping that his relatively low points cost would keep him from being a priority target, since you get bonus points for hitting more expensive models. It didn’t really work though. It turned out that people mostly took shots at whoever was available, and Burt didn’t have the staying power to live for very long. Good times were had, many Burts were slaughtered.