Malifaux: Alt Swinecursed

The alt for the Swinecursed is what really pushed me into picking up the Wong box. I am a sucker for alternates and limiteds, and the Swinecursed’s built in Magical gives it some immediate synergy.

Alt Swinecursed
Alt Swinecursed

I decided to go bold for hair color. Wong’s magic seems like a colorful kind of magic, as opposed to the more naturalistic Zoraida. I only realized after it was too late that the texture on the forearms is supposed to be more hair. Oh well.

Malifaux: Explosive Solutions (Wong crew box)

It’s been a while since I’ve added a new Master to my Gremlins collection. Blasting looks like fun, plus I found the box cheap at a minis flea market. Wong it is!


First up, Wong himself. I’m pretty disappointed that Wyrd didn’t resculpt the Wong model from the original plastic. Not that there’s anything wrong with the existing one, it just seemed like a missed opportunity.

Lovely Assistant

The grimace on the Lovely Assistant tells me she may not actually be having very much fun. Tiny feet made basing interesting, but I suspect she won’t actually see much table time.

Mancha Roja

Now Mancha is having fun. I had intended for his costume to be orange, although it came out a bit red. Still, it has some blending I’m fairly happy with.

I went with blues for the fireballs to call back to Wong’s robes, and different reds and purples for their own outfits. They fit together, but are all a little distinct.

The poses are quite impractical, however. I’m pretty sure Cotton Candy on the left is the only one that will withstand the abuse of being on the table.

Wong crew
Wong crew

Bolt Action: Winter US Vehicles

Happy Tanksgiving everybody. To celebrate, we’ll finish up my initial Bolt Action army with the vehicles.

Usually I try to apply some new techniques when starting a new army/game. For Bolt Action I’ve been pretty mild in that department. For the vehicles I decided to push things a bit. I used a salt weathering technique for the whitewash.

M10 Tank Destroyer
M10 Tank Destroyer

I picked up some Dust Tactics decal sheets off the clearance shelf a year or so ago for literally a quarter. Finally, I’ve got some models in the right scale. The octopus and “DEMON” labels on the M10 come from these sheets.

M3 Half-track

In game, the half-track is a maddening vehicle. I’ve tried to use it as rapid response, but after leaving it in reserve, it never comes out. Many of our campaign games have used the Chaos in the Reserves rule, which not only nullifies the normal American advantage for vehicles in reserve, it adds an extra negative modifier. Arrgh.

Bolt Action: Winter US Support Teams

Now that HQ and infantry are accounted for, it’s time to bring in some support teams to do some damage.

I’ve had mixed results with the mortar. Some games it can’t hit anything. Other games it snipes out a key unit first turn and is awesome. The campaign has mostly put the Americans on the defensive, with the Germans attacking. I suppose once that swaps, the mortar’s ability to force a unit to move prove useful.

My first game I found I was quite lacking in anti-tank. A bazooka team helps to solve that.

Medium machinegun
Medium machinegun

The MMG seems to get a bad rap, but while in ambush it can really put pressure on the enemy. When the fog is clear enough to see anything, anyways.

Finally, the sniper team. Fog has been tough on snipers, but removing key models makes it all worthwhile.