Bolt Action: Winter US Support Teams

Now that HQ and infantry are accounted for, it’s time to bring in some support teams to do some damage.

I’ve had mixed results with the mortar. Some games it can’t hit anything. Other games it snipes out a key unit first turn and is awesome. The campaign has mostly put the Americans on the defensive, with the Germans attacking. I suppose once that swaps, the mortar’s ability to force a unit to move prove useful.

My first game I found I was quite lacking in anti-tank. A bazooka team helps to solve that.

Medium machinegun
Medium machinegun

The MMG seems to get a bad rap, but while in ambush it can really put pressure on the enemy. When the fog is clear enough to see anything, anyways.

Finally, the sniper team. Fog has been tough on snipers, but removing key models makes it all worthwhile.

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