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Fallout: Radstag Conversion

Ever since the Into the Wasteland expansion came out for Fallout Wasteland Warfare, I wanted to add models for some of the beasties. This is my take on a radstag.

The model is a simple conversion from two stags from Wizkids. I cut off the heads, posed them with some brass wire, then filled in the neck with green stuff.

The paint is a little rough, but it gets the idea across.

Radstag conversion

Fallout: Vault Dwellers

The vault dwellers make a good addition either as fresh recruits for Survivors, or as foes for someone exploring that cave opening.

Vault Dweller (grenade)

The dweller can be distinguished from the Sole Survivors due to their lack of armor.

Vault Dweller (two-handed grip)

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready for action.

Vault Security (aimed)

Vault security is also available to put down any insurrection. Though with the careful planning of Vault-Tec, they surely won’t be needed.

Vault Security (baton ready)

Perhaps non-lethal attacks will be enough.

Vault Dwellers (group)