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Fallout: Vault Dwellers

The vault dwellers make a good addition either as fresh recruits for Survivors, or as foes for someone exploring that cave opening.

Vault Dweller (grenade)

The dweller can be distinguished from the Sole Survivors due to their lack of armor.

Vault Dweller (two-handed grip)

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready for action.

Vault Security (aimed)

Vault security is also available to put down any insurrection. Though with the careful planning of Vault-Tec, they surely won’t be needed.

Vault Security (baton ready)

Perhaps non-lethal attacks will be enough.

Vault Dwellers (group)

Fallout: Wasteland Vermin (Mole Rats, Radroaches)

The Wasteland Vermin box contains a bunch (9 altogether) of little annoying guys to get in your warband’s way.

Mole Rats (group)
Mole Rat

My one complaint for this box is that they’re all single pose. I wish there had been something different, at least for the mole rats.

Radroaches (group)

The radroaches got a couple of color variations just to keep things exciting.

Glowing Radroaches (group)
Glowing Radroach

I also did two of the radroach bases as the glowing variety. I decided not to do a glowing mole rat. There’s no card for one yet, and if there ever is one I can always get another box of the rats.