Ultramarines: Bikes and Attack Bikes

From time to time I’ll reach into the hobby vault to feature models painted before I started this blog.

I bought most of these bikes on an impulse back in the third edition timeline, though they didn’t see paint until around 2012. I never could quite pull the trigger on the dollar cost of an all-bike army, although I lusted after one.

I only had one attack bike from the olden days, with a metal sidecar. The other two were bought around when I painted them and are the newer all-plastic kits. Actually, that’s lie. I have an all-metal Rogue Trader era attack bike around somewhere.

The bikes are the last of my Ultramarines to get posted. It’s been a long road to get through them all. Next up will be my Dark Eldar.

Terrain: Seed Bank Generator

To help make the Wreck Age Seed Bank starter pack an even better value, it includes a bit of terrain. This generator is the big piece, though it also comes with a variety of small bits that seem destined for the bit box.

Seed Bank Generator

The terrain itself seems to be from the Mantic Industrial collection and fits right into the setting. Painting terrain, and especially industrial / post-apoc terrain, is a fun excuse to be sloppy. Here I’ve used a grungy mix of oil washes, sponge chipping, drybrushing, and AK weathering pencils. The messier the better.