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Relicblade: Shrimp Harpooner

These Shrimp Harpooners continue the ‘more teams!’ trend. I love these guys so much.

Shrimp Harpooner (spear out)

If you told me I needed shrimp miniatures, I’m not sure I’d believe you. But you’d be right. These guys are even more awesome than the gilblins. And fish gobbos are pretty rad.

Shrimp Harpooner (spear up)

You might think they’d dry out on land. But you’re wrong. They’re too cool for that.

Shrimp Harpooner team

Relicblade: Storms of Kural Adversary

Much like the Advocate side, I already had the alt for the Iguan Marauder, so I focused my hobby time on the new characters.

Destroyer Pig

This pig is my favorite of the bunch. He’s got such weight to him and strength to his pose.

Dark Prophet

I’m a huge sucker for the crow face, whether bony like on the Dark Prophet or in mask form like Malifaux’s Carrion Effigy. The colors I chose are a bit bright and happy for a dark master, but since I’m usually quite drab I’ll give myself a pass here.

Slayer Squid

The Slayer Squid is model that I think suffers the most from the one-piece design. From this angle it’s a great model. But as you turn it it’s a bit flat. There are so many arms, it’s too bad they can’t be more dimensional. I’d be thrilled to see this guy reposed as a multipiece.

Relicblade: Gilblin Fishers (round 2)

Scheduled for release at Adepticon this year, the Gilblin Fishers come in pairs (both as models, and as. But Metal King, stretching their evil genius muscles, offered them at a discount in a six-pack. And why buy two when you can buy six?

I quickly painted up the first pair, but the rest had to wait their turn.

They are single piece metal models, which means you’d need to be creative to repose them for more variety. I wasn’t feeling that creative, so just went with different colors.

The main body color are continued experimentation with GW contrast paints. At some point I should stop calling it experimentation and just admit they’re a regular tool in my hobby toolbox.

These models remain super fun, with friendly teeth and tongue, big happy and/or terrified eyes. Who wouldn’t want to be their friend?

Gilblin Fishers (group)