Relicblade: Gilblin Fishers (round 2)

Scheduled for release at Adepticon this year, the Gilblin Fishers come in pairs (both as models, and as. But Metal King, stretching their evil genius muscles, offered them at a discount in a six-pack. And why buy two when you can buy six?

I quickly painted up the first pair, but the rest had to wait their turn.

They are single piece metal models, which means you’d need to be creative to repose them for more variety. I wasn’t feeling that creative, so just went with different colors.

The main body color are continued experimentation with GW contrast paints. At some point I should stop calling it experimentation and just admit they’re a regular tool in my hobby toolbox.

These models remain super fun, with friendly teeth and tongue, big happy and/or terrified eyes. Who wouldn’t want to be their friend?

Gilblin Fishers (group)

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