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Malifaux: Gautreaux Bokors

The Bokors add much-needed healing in keyword to both Zoraida and Wong. It’s high time they joined the party.

Gautreaux Bokor (held candle)

These guys come three to a box, but it seems unlikely I’d want to take all three. I tend to find it difficult to leave models in the box, but as my cases get fuller it gets easier.

Gautreaux Bokor (candle hat)

Maybe the last one will be used for bits. Maybe next edition I’ll need it. Maybe he’ll just be sad.

Malifaux: Flying Piglets

I got Alphonse, so figured I’d keep filling out the Wong crew with some Flying Piglets.

Flying Piglet (brown wings)

These are nasty undead creatures. Not quite so explosive as a Stuffed Piglet, but more oozie.

Flying Piglet (green wings)

I added some Plaguebearer Flesh, a GW contrast paint, to random splotches to play up the undead quality. The translucent paint did the trick of tinting things an unnatural yellow-green.

Flying Piglet (skull)

Oops, somebody left this guy’s head in the pot for too long. Oh well.

Flying Piglets (group)