Arena Rex: Dimitrios with Telesto

The beasties in Arena Rex are some of my favorites. The Helleniki get this seahorse.


As is my tradition with the mounts, I magnetized the rider and tried to hide the magnet in the mount. This rider is kind enough to use his net as a saddle, which give a nice connection to work with.

Telesto and Dimitrios

And of course, we need Dimitrios on foot as well. I guess he’s still kind of sitting on his net.

Dimitrios (foot)

Arena Rex: Helleniki Starter (Daphne, Krios, Phaedra)

The freeform nature of list building in Arena Rex makes it easy to talk myself into any of the models. So sure, I started getting the Helleniki.


This set seemed to have a bit more flash on the models than most of the Arena Rex I’ve gotten. But it’s easy enough to trim the paper thin resin.


That shield’s not gonna do much good on your back there, Krios.


I went with a lot of greens for the Helleniki, in part to go with the hint of verdigris I wanted to put on Phaedra.

Helliniki Starter