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Malifaux: Burt Jebson

The FLGS had some old M1.5E boxes on sale for 80% off. Burt’s been on my buy list, so it was pretty hard to say no to.

I took Burt to the Enforcer Brawl at Adepticon. In that format, you get a single Enforcer with an upgrade and get tossed onto a standard Malifaux table with 4-8 players. You get points for killing and wounding other models and lose points for dying. If you die, you come back on a random table edge on your next activation. I was hoping that his relatively low points cost would keep him from being a priority target, since you get bonus points for hitting more expensive models. It didn’t really work though. It turned out that people mostly took shots at whoever was available, and Burt didn’t have the staying power to live for very long. Good times were had, many Burts were slaughtered.

2016 Hobby Year in Review

Now in its third year, let’s take a look at my hobby work over the past year.


I started the hobby year working through the Malifaux Black Friday order and getting a few things ready for Adepticon. Then the queue got real. In 2015 I felt I had been a little too stingy at Adepticon. Let’s just say I didn’t have that problem this year.

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Malifaux: Vintage Pandora

I think the vintage models from Wyrd’s Guilder store may break me from the compulsive need to acquire every limited/special edition/alt model. You can collect Guilders by participating in sanctioned events, usually one for playing, and more for winning. With a total of 35 needed to get all seven currently available models, there’s no way I’ll get them all.

In the summer, I did manage to win a Henchman Hardcore tournament at Games of Berkeley. A Vintage model would be mine!

Vintage Pandora
Vintage Pandora

Pandora is in my faction, plus maybe the coolest of the set. So she was my clear choice.

I tried reverse shading the apparitions, though the faces looked wrong without darkened eyes and mouths. Otherwise, I kept it much the same as my original Pandora.

Malifaux: Black Blood Shamans

I talked myself into buying this box for the bonus Dark Debts model, in hopes of a translucent Huggy or something. I scored a opaque purple lady Illuminated, which wasn’t so exciting. But I also got some Black Blood Shamans (Shamen?)!

Black Blood Shaman (closed wings)
Black Blood Shaman (closed wings)

I tried to give the wings a bit more depth. As usual, my blending isn’t very smooth, but it passes the two foot test.

Black Blood Shaman (open wings)
Black Blood Shaman (open wings)

Now that I’ve got the Shaman, I really need to get the Nephilim box so I can start pumping out the Young. I’ve gotten a surprising amount of work out of Black Blood Pustule, however.