Underworlds: Drepur’s Wraithcreepers

These Nighthaunts form the other side of the two-player Underworlds starter box. Unlike the their Nightvault friends, Drepur’s Wraithcreepers is a tight four-model warband.

Grodrig the Lance

Most of them have these long halberds, which is annoying when it comes to putting them in foam.

Sire Haqfel

I decided to keep in color scheme with the Briar Queen set, so it would fit together if I wanted to do Warcry or something.

The Patrician

The Underworlds bases are always neat. In these ghosts case, it helps to give them the floaty look.

Viceroy Drepur
Drepur’s Wraithcreepers

Underworlds: Storm of Celestus

I found the two-player Underworlds starter on the clearance shelf at the local hobby shop. I couldn’t say no.

Aphus the Brave

Of course it includes some Stormcast. But shockingly enough, it’s not a three-model warband. This one has four!


Like my other Stormcast Underworlds warbands, I used Turbo Dork color shift paint for the armor. This way I can (in theory, at least) put them all together in a Warcry game or something and have them fit in.

Mellisan Star-sighted

The color shift is pretty subtle once dullcoted, but it’s still in there somewhere.

Drakan Celestus
Storm of Celestus