Malifaux: Fallen Kingdom (Nightmare Hoffman)

The Nightmare set from 2022 didn’t really speak to me. But for some reason this one did.

Lord Galehault (Nightmare Hoffman)

I always feel like I’m missing something when painting realistic horses. But this one is fantastic enough that it seems okay.

The Hollow Fiends came with clear plastic flight stands, but now obvious place to mount them. These rods were originally intended just for painting, but I ended up deciding to keep them.

Porphyrion (Nightmare Joss)

Look at this brawny man. He probably can’t look at you through that helmet.

Stiltzkin (Nightmare Mechanical Attendant)

Stiltzkin is this lovely silly little beast.

Weeping Huntress (Nightmare Melissa KORE)

The Weeping Huntress is the one weak sculpt of the batch. In particular, it doesn’t really fill the 40mm base. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.

Fallen Kingdom

Carnevale: Matriarch’s Brood

Now that I’ve posted a bunch of feral Rashaar, I might as well post the leader.

Partuul Matriarch

The Partuul Martriarch is the tricky leader of the whole group. She has a bunch of new crybabies ready jump out of annoy the opponent.

Bounding Telechine

Speaking of jumping, the bounding telechine is much better at jumping than walking.

And at last, the crybabies. These weird old man worms are fast annoyances. Just don’t expect them to live very long.

Matriarch’s Brood