Terrain Crate: Armory

More fantasy furniture from Terrain Crate, this time an armory.

Terrain Crate uses a bendy plastic which I don’t especially like to work with. Long pieces (like the weapon racks) tend to bend and stay that way. And it’s difficult to clean up mold lines. But’s the price is good, and it does better in a pile than something less flexible (and therefore more brittle).

Plus, you can get away with a lot of problems in terrain. Just sponge some brown on it. The focus will be on the models, anyways.

Sludge: Keth Tallok Riders

I’ve recently discovered I love weird cavalry. It might be the mounted gladiators of Arena Rex, or the buggies in Lunar. Today, it’s these dudes on weird birds.

Keth Tallok Riders (group 1)

I had some bad luck with the packaging for this set, with a couple of legs snapped. Fortunately, this resin takes superglue well and left a clean joint, so it they glued back together extremely cleanly.

Keth Tallok Riders (group 2)

I tried to do two colorations: black and blue. But they ended up pretty much the same.