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Dropzone: Gen Wade / Broadsword

This tank is just so ridiculously big I knew I had to have it. When Reconquest: Phase 2 included rules for it as a regular model, I didn’t have any excuses. Well, then I managed to find excuses not to paint it for a long time.

General Wade / Broadsword

What Dropzone energy I have right now is directed towards Resistance, but I’ll have something fun to turn to when I decide to switch back to UCM.

2016 Hobby Year in Review

Now in its third year, let’s take a look at my hobby work over the past year.


I started the hobby year working through the¬†Malifaux Black Friday order and getting a few things ready for Adepticon. Then the queue got real. In 2015 I felt I had been a little too stingy at Adepticon. Let’s just say I didn’t have that problem this year.

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DZC: Phoenix

I may not have posted for a while, but I’ve been busy painting. First up, the Phoenix command gunship for Dropzone Commander.

Phoenix (top)
Phoenix (top)

I decided to pose it with the missile bays all the way open. I’m not sure it’s a great look, and probably would do it closed if I were paint another.

Phoenix (bottom)
Phoenix (bottom)

Like so many of the UCM aircraft, the underside of the model looks way cooler than the top. Lots of engine detail, a second canopy, and targeting array are hidden down below.

All the cool kids tell me how awesome this model is in game, though I have to admit I miss the Kodiak when I use it. This can do quite a bit of damage, but the Kodiak’s orbital strike can usually¬†delete one key model a turn.

DZC: Katanas

Everybody talks about how awesome the Katanas are for UCM.  I figured I ought to jump in.  Naturally, I waited until they were same price as the Sabres.

UCM Katana
UCM Katana

Model wise, there’s not much to say.  I’m still happy with my standard UCM scheme.

Combined with an Eagle and some Falcons, I can do some pretty nasty building demo.  I played against a list with a six Katana squad at Adepticon.  It was even nastier, although one well-placed Orbital Strike Kodiak managed to kill them all.  Mutual cover doesn’t hide you from space!