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Wreck Age: Seed Bank Stakers

One of my impulse purchases at Adepticon this year was Wreck Age’s new Seed Bank two-player starter. $60 buys you two five-model crews, a mini rulebook, and a bit of terrain. A pretty good value all around.

Staker with rifle

It took some time, but I finally got around to painting it up, starting with the Stakers.

Staker with shotgun

The Stakers are the homesteaders in the dystopian future of Wreck Age. They’re just trying to settle down and build a community.

Staker Medic

The package is a great value, although some of the detail is a bit muddy.

Staker with pickaxe

The Wreck Age game itself seems to be a hybrid between a RPG and a wargame. The rulebook even suggests having a narrator / GM. That makes it a bit hard to fit into my game schedule.

Staker with sniper rifle
Seed Bank Stakers