Crisis Protocol: Beast and Mystique

This box may be a less-than-optimal pick for a limited X-Men force. But Beast is cool so it doesn’t matter.


Beast comes with head/arm variants for angry mode and bookish mode. I like the idea of him (literally) hanging out instead of fighting. I asked my kid what book he should be reading. She immediately answered Harry Potter. So there we go.


Mystique is not X-Men affiliated. But the relatively open faction rules of Crisis Protocol means that doesn’t have to be a problem.

Crisis Protocol: Storm and Cyclops

If you want an X-Men force in Crisis Protocol, it’s hard to ignore this box. It has both of the affiliation leaders. So it was an easy decision.


I love this blue and yellow. It screams the 90s cartoon, which is my first memory of the X-Men.


Storm is another super tall model. The lightning support reminds me of some Games Workshop models. I hope it doesn’t get caught on foam and snap off. Until then, it gives a good floaty feeling.

Crisis Protocol: Gambit and Rogue

This Crisis Protocol box came in this year’s Adepticon swag bag. I decided to use it to kick off an X-Men force.


Gambit’s got some nice energy in his sculpt. I’m never very happy with sculpted energy beams, but at least this helps sell the motion.


Rogue had some kind of sphere on her fist. I’m not enough of a fan of the books to know if it has special meaning. But I thought it looked kind of dopey so skipped it.