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Stormcast Eternals: Vindictors

The Vindictors are the only large(ish) unit on the Stormcast side of the Dominion box.

Vindictors (group 1)

I would like to like the long spears, but they cause two major problems:

  1. Many of them got caught on something in the box and are at least somewhat bent. I was able to fix some, but some are still kind of wonky.
  2. They stick out a bunch, making packing them in foam a giant pain.
Vindictors (group 2)

I’m not a huge fan of Stormcast helmets, so I made many of them bareheaded.

Vindictors (group 3)

These guys could be fielded as two groups of five, which would mean I’d need two leaders. Only one has the extra helmet plume, but the second has the spear banner. That should be enough to clearly lead the small unit, but still visibility subordinate while joined together.

Stormcast Eternals: Annihilators

I think the Annihilators are my favorite of the Stormcast troops in the Dominion box. They’ve got a bulk to them without being overweight. And the shields are pretty awesome.


I wanted the bases on my Stormcast to be halfway between the stone of my Fyreslayers and the swamp of the Kruleboyz. If I keep some of the gravel basing on all the Order armies, they can at least somewhat fit together as a allied force.