Fyreslayers: Runic Invocations

I dig the original endless spells box (though have only painted up one from it). With a scheduled game for AoS 3rd, I finally had an excuse to get the Fyreslayers one.

Molten Infernoth

The Molten Infernoth has been tempting me from the shop ever since its release. What miniature collection doesn’t need a lava monster? This guy could fit into just about any kind of game. Well, anything except a historical, I guess.

Runic Fyrewall

The Fyrewall is somewhat less a universally useful model. But it’s still fun.

Zharrgron Flame-spitter

I don’t like this sculpt too much. The gloppy lava might work in motion, but I don’t think it works well as a tabletop model. It doesn’t help that my paint ended up so dark.

Fyreslayers: Magmic Battleforge

A friend recently suggested we give Age of Sigmar 3rd edition a go. That was all the excuse I needed to pick up and paint some of the Fyreslayers stuff that had passed me by, starting with the Magmic Battleforge.

Magmic Battleforge

This model is sometimes called the pizza oven, which is apt. But it’s still a nice bit of dwarven architecture. I especially like the dent above the righthand eyebrow.

Magmic Battleforge (detail)

I magnetized the flames, so I could pull it out to represent the once-per-battle ability being used.

Blitz Bowl: Chaos

Chaos is the last of my latest round of Blitz Bowl team powerups.

I really like this purple skin for beastmen. I did it for Underworlds and Blackstone Fortress. Why not Blitz Bowl?

I don’t love the pose of these blockers. There’s something classically GW about them, but my nostalgia for it isn’t quite powerful enough.

Chaos balls

I’ve only been painting half team boxes, then selling off or giving away the other half. It’s all I need for Blitz Bowl, and I don’t really have much desire for Blood Bowl. But Dungeon Bowl has me intrigued, and I think these half teams will be enough.

Blitz Bowl Chaos

Blitz Bowl: Undead

We had the halflings, now it’s time for a team with a different hunger.


The ghoul gets a distinct skin color, to help separate it from the rest of the team.


The mummy ended up with darker bandages than I had intended.

Wight Blitzer

The wight blitzer looks a lot like his less-powerful skeleton friends. The key is the winged helmet.

One of the zombies lost a finger during assembly. But, hey, zombie don’t care.

The undead team is unique in Blitz Bowl for having seven models on the team. They’ve even got two pairs of mooks, instead of triple linemen like so many others.

Blitz Bowl Undead team

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