Relicblade: Gnome Magister

Here we are at the last of the latest Relicblade Kickstarter, the Gnome Magister. Of course, it took me long enough that now there are some new Paragon models. But that is for the future.

Gnome Magister

The Magic Carpet is a mount, so technically the Magister could be mounted on the Shadowfox or Ibex. I decided to skip the magnetizing thing for this time. At some point I hope to buy another and convert the legs to better fit on one of those creatures.

Relicblade: Fire Elemental Construct

I always struggle with fire, especially large amounts of it. I tried to bring some smoke into it, but the result is just dark.

Fire Elemental Construct

Otherwise I like the bit of diversity between this and the Water Element Construct. Though give the history of unusual magic types (geomancer, bibliothecary, botanist), I hope the next one is something like an Acid Elemental, or Mud Elemental, or Time Elemental.

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