Ultramarines: Drop Pod

From time to time I’ll reach into the hobby vault to feature models painted before I started this blog.

The Drop Pod provided another way to get my Ultramarines stuck in fast, although that mostly meant overextending and letting them die. Oops.

Drop Pod (closed)

I like the idea of letting the drop pod open on deployment, although it does make it hard to handle.

Drop Pod (open)

I painted the model before fully assembling it, which made it pretty easy to drybrush the interior.

Wreck Age: Church of Fun Flockmaster

To round out the Church of Fun, I also got this 2-pack of models, including the Flockmaster and a guy I’ve dubbed the Flockminion.


The cloak on the Flockmaster is what really sold me, although I don’t like mine as much as the one at the booth. Such is life.


The Flockminion spends his day fetching coffee and amphetamines for his boss, hoping someday to get his own cool cloak.

Church of Fun Flockmaster and Flockminion

Wreck Age: Church of Fun Faction Box

Not content to start simple, I also bought the Church of Fun faction box for Wreck Age at Adepticon. As a show special, it included two additional models beyond the general retail release. Don’t ask me which two, though.

These guys are a bunch of drugged out berserkers. I think I overdid reusing colors to tie them together. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more uniform bunch of tweakers.

Church of Fun

Wreck Age: Seed Bank Drifters

This is the other half of the Wreck Age Seed Bank starter box.

Drifter with crossbow

The Drifters are nomads, moving around to take what they need. Not quite full-on Mad Max raiders, but at least a few steps in that direction.

Drifter with rifle and cool hat

This lets them have cool cobbled together armor like this guy here.

Drifter with machete

I chose greens and burgundy as the primary colors for the drifters, along with khaki and metals as needed.

Best Drifter ever

This guy may be what sold me on the set. Awesome hair, face mask, and riot shield. I’m not quite as sold on the spear, but you can’t win ’em all.

Drifter with shotgun

And every group needs an old guy with a leather helmet.

Seed Bank Drifters

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