Arena Rex: Anum

At this point I’ve got a pretty good size collection of Arena Rex beasts. It’s probably about time I could take them as a cohort.


Anum brings some pretty cool abilities, including giving up some health to remove a fatigue, for a surprise double-whammy.

As a model I’m actually happy with how the spots turned on the hyena, unlike a lot of the animal patterns I’ve attempted.

Fyreslayers: Vulkite Berzerkers

After a pile of heroes, all that’s left in the Start Collecting box is a unit of 10 Vulkite Berzerkers, the Fyreslayers battleline basic troops.

There are a couple of weapon options: twin axes, axe and shield, and pick and shield. I decided to start out with the twin axes. They’re nice dynamic poses, but unfortunately take a bunch of space in the case. I intend to build at least two units of these guys, so I’ll probably go with pick and shield for the other one. Annoyingly (for a mostly small-model count gamer) the Vulkites have a special rule where they get more resilient the larger the unit. So there are probably lots of these dudes in my future.

Unlike the heroes, the infantry just get a few small slate chips on the bases, with Astrogranite Debris filling in the rest.


Vulkite Berzerkers (group)

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