Relicblade: Braziers

Many Relicblade scenarios involve the use of objectives, usually described as braziers, that need to be activated (lit) by the players. Much like the Pack Yak, Relicblade makes a set of appropriate markers available for sale.

Braziers (lit)

The set contains three braziers, and three removable flames. Each one is a unique sculpt. Unlike the metal miniatures that make up the rest of the Relicblade line, these are in a white resin.

Braziers (unlit)

For such a simple model, there’s quite a bit of character to them. There are the skulls of course, but also cracking and dancing flames. The separate flame pieces have a rounded edge that makes them easy to put on without slipping around.

Relicblade: The Deep (Shark Warrior and Eel Sorcerer)

The Deep is a mini-faction for Relicblade, made up of two models and an eight-card pack, each sold separately. Uncommonly for Relicblade they come on 30mm bases.

Eel Sorcerer

The Eel Sorcerer has a snake and a lamp, so you know he’s serious. Unlike most other Wizard characters he only has 4 AD, but he has a useful dagger and ranged spell attack, so doesn’t necessarily need a bunch of 2-AD upgrade spells.

Shark Warrior

The Shark Warrior, on the other hand, just has blades. Nasty nasty blades. As a Knight, he gets access to cool upgrades like Sword Master and Writ of Justice.

The Deep

Relicblade: Ogre Retiarius

The Ogre Retiarius is one of the few solo Adversary models left to join my Relicblade collection, and the only one that doesn’t fit as an expansion to one of the faction packs.

Ogre Retiarius

This guy comes with two heads, one helmeted and one bare. The bare head shows a warrior who’s taken some hits, including a massive dent in his skull. Maybe he should have worn his helmet during more of his battles.

Ultramarines: Rhinos

From time to time I’ll reach into the hobby vault to feature models painted before I started this blog.

The Rhino is the backbone of many Space Marine armies. I had two from my initial 2nd/3rd edition foray into the game, but they either weren’t painted, or at least not remotely well.


Some airbrushing and a bit of black an silver would at least make them presentable. And that’s as far as I got with them while still playing the game.

Rhinos (group)

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