Relicblade: Kingdoms of Akadh

The Kingdoms of Akadh are the other new faction set as part of the latest Relicblade Kickstarter.

Akadh Speargob (standing)

These guys have a desert goblin quality to them. A goblins in Relicblade means teams! The faction set comes with a pair of speargobs.

Akadh Speargob (walking)

These hats seem super impractical, but I dig them.

Akadh Magician

I tried for bright colors on the magician. I’m not convinced it totally works, but you can’t accuse it of being drab.

Water Elemental Construct

I’ve had a hard time powering up the other construct in the game, the Bone Construct. Fortunately this Water Elemental Construct has upgrades to make it easier.

Kingdoms of Akadh

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