Underworlds: Khagra’s Ravagers

I’ve actually started playing Underworlds more often, so this hobby habit is slightly less ridiculous. I should probably work through the boxes I have before I get more, though.

Khagra the Usurper

The Khagra set is a nice group of chaos folks that aren’t too deeply weird. They’re just guys with cool helmets.

Dour Cragan

I wish Mr Cragan here was unhelmed. Then you could really see how dour he is.

Razek Godblessed

This is a nice beefy shield.

Zarshai Bittersoul

Okay, somebody had to have weird growths. But even Zarshai here is only modestly mutated.

Khagra’s Ravagers

Terrain Crate: Armory

More fantasy furniture from Terrain Crate, this time an armory.

Terrain Crate uses a bendy plastic which I don’t especially like to work with. Long pieces (like the weapon racks) tend to bend and stay that way. And it’s difficult to clean up mold lines. But’s the price is good, and it does better in a pile than something less flexible (and therefore more brittle).

Plus, you can get away with a lot of problems in terrain. Just sponge some brown on it. The focus will be on the models, anyways.

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