Terrain: Wreck Age Roads

The final of my haul from the Wreck Age booth at Adepticon are these roads. They were part of the Wreck Age Kickstarter and are still occasionally available.

They’ve got a really neat texture and are made out of a semi-flexible resin. It takes to being drybrushed quite nicely, and I splashed on some other color to give a bit more interest.

The one with lane markings was done sponging yellow paint over the masked road. I should have measured the masking, since the spacing seems pretty off.

Ultramarines: Bikes and Attack Bikes

From time to time I’ll reach into the hobby vault to feature models painted before I started this blog.

I bought most of these bikes on an impulse back in the third edition timeline, though they didn’t see paint until around 2012. I never could quite pull the trigger on the dollar cost of an all-bike army, although I lusted after one.

I only had one attack bike from the olden days, with a metal sidecar. The other two were bought around when I painted them and are the newer all-plastic kits. Actually, that’s lie. I have an all-metal Rogue Trader era attack bike around somewhere.

The bikes are the last of my Ultramarines to get posted. It’s been a long road to get through them all. Next up will be my Dark Eldar.

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