Chibis: Cthulhu Cultist and Medusa

Never one to let the kids have all the fun, I got some chibi models from Impact Miniatures for myself, too.

Chibi Medusa

I’ve actually been afraid of chibi style models for a long time. Eyes are usually my weak spot, and chibis are all about the eyes. But the eyes are huge, which makes it relatively easy to do a good job.

Chibi Cthulhu Cultist

I picked up two with the idea that my wife could paint one. Together with the kids, it would be a whole family affair. My wife has, from time to time, shown some interest in miniature painting. But this is not one of those times. So I had to paint it. Poor me.

The big bold colors are a lot of fun, and it turns out there’s nothing to be afraid of. I don’t really have any games to motivate these models, but I think I’ll still sneak some in from time to time.

Next Gen Part Two: Superpig and Coyote

My kids are always interested in whatever I’m painting. Ruth, now seven, has painted a few before. Max, age three, has not. Last year at Adepticon I saw these chibi models and thought they’d have fun with it. It took a long time to get around to it, but we finally have some results.

Coyote, by Ruth

Coyote, by RuthRuth is a big fan of pink. Not only did Coyote get some pink fur but she also wanted to do pink snow. And purple snow. Sure, why not?

Superpig, by Max
Superpig, by Max

Max chose some vibrant colors. He was really into the snow on unusual places, like the eyes. It’s kind of creepy. I like it. When big sister was doing purple snow, he also wanted in.

I didn’t give much guidance on these models. I just put paint in the palette as requested. For basing, I encouraged drybrushing on sand, but they went wild with snow. I’m curious how Ruth would do with more instruction, but it’s fun to see what she comes up with. I picked up a few more models this year. Maybe we’ll experiment.