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Terrain: Tent and Lean-to

I have mixed feelings about the PVC-type plastic WizKids uses. It’s very bendy, which makes it durable. But it also makes it hard to clean mold lines or straighten a sword. But for scatter terrain it’s hard to go wrong.

Tent and Lean-to

These tents could go nicely with the adventurer’s campsite from Malice. Or it could fit into modern, post-apoc, or even historical games if you don’t think too much about it. Versatile is nice.

WizKids: Owlbear

I got this owlbear as a freebie from Games of Berkeley when buying the components of the radstag project. I didn’t get to pick, but it’s a great random monster for the collection.

This version for Wizkids is one of the better models I’ve run into. It suffers for the soft PVC material, with very hard to clean mold lines. But the pose sells well as an owl with the strength of a bear, though I have a hard time imagining it flying. That’s okay, it can be a burrowing owlbear.