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Relicblade: Kingdoms of Akadh

The Kingdoms of Akadh are the other new faction set as part of the latest Relicblade Kickstarter.

Akadh Speargob (standing)

These guys have a desert goblin quality to them. A goblins in Relicblade means teams! The faction set comes with a pair of speargobs.

Akadh Speargob (walking)

These hats seem super impractical, but I dig them.

Akadh Magician

I tried for bright colors on the magician. I’m not convinced it totally works, but you can’t accuse it of being drab.

Water Elemental Construct

I’ve had a hard time powering up the other construct in the game, the Bone Construct. Fortunately this Water Elemental Construct has upgrades to make it easier.

Kingdoms of Akadh

Relicblade: Shrimp Harpooner

These Shrimp Harpooners continue the ‘more teams!’ trend. I love these guys so much.

Shrimp Harpooner (spear out)

If you told me I needed shrimp miniatures, I’m not sure I’d believe you. But you’d be right. These guys are even more awesome than the gilblins. And fish gobbos are pretty rad.

Shrimp Harpooner (spear up)

You might think they’d dry out on land. But you’re wrong. They’re too cool for that.

Shrimp Harpooner team

Relicblade: Lone Guard Watchmen

We first saw the team mechanic with the Gilblin Fishers. Now it’s time for the advocate to get some.

Lone Guard Watchman (axe)

I like that both have bows and axes on them, although each is wielding one of them. It reflects their stat cards nicely, while adding a nice variety within the team.

Lone Guard Watchman (bow)

I gave them gray-brown cloaks to better differentiate them from their more elite counterparts. They’ll earn their colors when they graduate.

Lone Guard Watchmen (team)