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Resurrectionists: Crooligans

Just about every crew in Malifaux needs a cheap scheme runner. Molly gets creepy undead children in the form of Crooligans.

Crooligan (fencepost)

The models themselves are fairly straightforward, continuing the reds and greens that make up most of my Resurrectionists, although with a bonus splash of blue for color.

Crooligan (hoodie)

Also like many of my Resurrectionists, the Crooligans get both a black and red splatter. This helps keep them from looking too clean. After all, it’s tough being dead.

Crooligan (teddy bear)
Crooligans (group shot)

Resurrectionists: Night Terrors

The Night Terrors are annoying models. I don’t mean in game, I mean in real life. It was hard to line them up on their posts. They don’t fit in regular infantry spots in foam. On the plus side, they’re super fast in game.

I also screwed up assembling the models. They have front torso, back torso, and separate pieces for each wing. What I failed to realize what that the wings are keyed to go inside the torso. I didn’t realize until after I had glued some of the torsos together.

Trying to fix it, I snapped one of the arms for the dark purple Night Terror in half. Rather than fix it, I decided he would only have one pair of wings, and green stuffed the hole in.

Night Terrors (group shot)

Terrain: Raft

This simple raft is part of a growing collection of small terrain pieces in Reaper’s Bones line. I bought it on a whim and gave it a quick paint.


The model is just about big enough for one model on a 25-40 mm base. A 50 mm would overhang the sides.

Raft with passenger for scale

The bark is Secret Weapon’s weathered wood color. The inner wood is colorful enough, I didn’t want to make the ropes any louder, so they’re just the white primer and a dark wash.

Next Gen 2019

As I’ve done before, I picked out some chibi models for the kids at Adepticon this spring. Eventually we got around to painting them.

Max’s cowboy

Max doesn’t really know who Indiana Jones is, so this is his cowboy. He was very insistent on putting a leave on the cowboy’s hat.

Ruth’s skeleton

Ruth selected the skeleton. She’s getting more particular about being “realistic”, so I had her do a wash and drybrush on the bones. She liked making the legs a bit muddy.

I bought a third chibi so I could paint whatever the kids didn’t select. But I haven’t gotten around to it. Actually, I still have my pony from last year. Oops.