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7TV: Wasteland Cultists A

When I ordered scatter terrain from Crooked Dice, I picked up some wasteland cultists to go with it. Their models so much character it’s hard to resist.

Cultist (chainsaw)

These guys have been culting long enough to get a pretty good uniform going.

Cultist (sandwich board)

I always have a hard time with text, especially deciding what to put. I started with “stop it now” for the front. Which naturally lead to the back.

Cultist (road sign)

Symbols are easier.

Cultist (skull helmet)

This model is a delightful mix of judge, priest, and nun. I’m all about it.

Wasteland Cultists A

Malifaux: Flying Piglets

I got Alphonse, so figured I’d keep filling out the Wong crew with some Flying Piglets.

Flying Piglet (brown wings)

These are nasty undead creatures. Not quite so explosive as a Stuffed Piglet, but more oozie.

Flying Piglet (green wings)

I added some Plaguebearer Flesh, a GW contrast paint, to random splotches to play up the undead quality. The translucent paint did the trick of tinting things an unnatural yellow-green.

Flying Piglet (skull)

Oops, somebody left this guy’s head in the pot for too long. Oh well.

Flying Piglets (group)