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Malifaux: Method to the Madness (Title Wong, von Schtook)

I haven’t really gotten into the title cards for Malifaux for whatever reason. Maybe it was just too much new stuff at once, and not enough models to support it.

Albus von Schtook, Stargazer

Von Schtook was my first M3E purchase, back at the pre-release at Adepticon a couple years ago. Plus, who can say no to a zombie telescope stand?

Backup Assistant

More models need to have a string of sausages trailing off of them.

Wong the Enchanter

Wong has always been more fun than effective for me.

Method to the Madness

Malifaux: Realm Beyond (Title Dreamer)

I haven’t picked up too many title boxes for Malifaux. But when this one was on the damaged shelf at the FLGS I couldn’t say no.

Dreamer (Insomniac)

I’m never really happy with how sculpted energy like this turns out. But I do like the gold trim on Dreamer’s pajamas.

Lady Yume

Yume’s arms were a nightmare (ha), and they still don’t really match too well. But I do like the deep red. and the murky depths she’s emerging from.

Realm Beyond

I don’t currently have Asami, so I left her on sprue. Maybe she’ll be conversion fodder for something down the road.

Malifaux: Juggernauts (Nightmare Riotbreakers)

These Juggernauts (nightmare Riotbreakers) are the Black Friday followup to this year’s Gencon nightmare models.

Juggernaut (bare headed)

It’s always nice when there are a few more in-theme alts to work with.

Juggernaut (metal hair)

Unlike the Weeping Huntress, these 40mm models fill out their bases nicely.

Juggernaut (mickey)

Although some of their helmets are a little silly.

Malifaux: Legend Reforged (Nightmare Hoffman expansion)

Like most of the recent Nightmare sets, Lord Galehault got some followups. Only in this case, the first followup came out at Gencon as well.

Lord Galehault

With titles being a thing now in Malifaux, complete with alternate sculpts, the Nightmares need it, too. In this case, he’s unhorsed, but otherwise the same character.

Galvanic Wyrm

But he has this robot dragon for a friend.

Legend Reforged