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Relicblade: Vandas Greycloak

Vandas Greycloak is the last model from the latest Relicblade Kickstarter, and is the exclusive model from this release.

Vandas Greycloak

As my second undead Relicblade model, I decided he should match the Bone Fury, with the red cloak and blue belt.

In game, Vandas Greycloak acts as an alternate sculpt for the Dark Wanderer. Since he’s a limited release, that makes a ton of sense. People who scored the limited model should just get cool points when putting it on the table, not in-game benefits.

Wreck Age: Stitcher Hunter with Netcaster

I received this promo model for participating in the Broken Contract event at Adepticon this year. Wreck Age is one of many post-apoc/distopian games that have been on my radar for a while but hasn’t quite managed to break through to a significant buy in.

Stitcher Hunter with Netcaster
Stitcher Hunter with Netcaster

But I’m not one to let the lack of game prospects keep me from painting a cool model.

Malifaux: Ross Jebson (alt Slop Hauler)

Ross Jebson was one of this year’s Easter models from Wyrd. He’s an alt Slop Hauler, and may remind you of somebody. I’ve been watching Bob Ross videos with the kids, so I’m primed and ready to go. Of course, I had to have a happy tree, and a cabin. I didn’t exactly follow the prescribed technique, but I can do anything I want, so nice, so nice.

Ross Jebson (alt Slop Hauler)
Ross Jebson (alt Slop Hauler)

This was the first metal model out of Wyrd for a while. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, though if it lets them do more small run models it’s worth it. Metal also lets you get away with some finer pieces, like the easel.