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Relicblade: Adepticon Alts plus a bonus Cat

These alts, slated for release at the Adepticon that wasn’t, were so popular they sold out within hours. Fortunately they were reprinted for slowpokes like me.

Lone Guard Infiltrator

They also act as previews for the currently running Storms of Kural Kickstarter. The project is for a new two-player starter set, featuring two four model warbands, each model representing a different faction. The stat cards were released in the second edition rulebook, but these are the first models available.

Iguan Marauder

The starter set is all single piece models, to be more accessible to people unfamiliar with metal models. These alt poses wouldn’t work in a single piece, but they aren’t exactly complex (torso and arms). I like slight posability, plus it would be easier to do simple conversions.

Warden of Justice

As a bonus, have a cat. You can never have too many cats in Relicblade.

A Iguan Marauder comes down the stairs to find a wizard about to light the brazier.

Neverborn: Silent Knight (alt Killjoy)

Wyrd’s special edition model for Black Friday 2019 is the Silent Knight. In M3E, Killjoy is keyword associated with Titania, but his regular model doesn’t really fit the aesthetics. The Silent Knight is an alt Killjoy that fits much better.

Silent Knight (alt Killjoy)

I tried to paint him as a combination of all the colors in the Autumn Knights. He could easily be their boss.

Resurrectionists: Salty Seadevil (alt Rogue Necromancy)

As Wyrd has done for the last few years, Black Friday brought a themed support piece for Gencon’s Nightmare crew. In this case, an alt Rogue Necromancy to go with Brine and Bones pirate Molly.

Salty Seadevil (alt Rogue Necromancy)

To give some texture, I used an airbrush stencil on the arms. This is one of my more successful attempts, as it’s actually still visible on the finished model, unlike Lord Chompy Bits.

Salty Seadevil (detail)

I wish I had known this model would be coming before I bought and painted the regular Rogue Necromany, but maybe that one will fit better with other crews. Especially if I go all in on McMourning sometime.