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Malifaux: Seamus Leftovers (Emeline Bellerose, Rotten Belles, and Proxy Copycat Killer)

With this year’s Miss Feasance providing a Seamus and an alt Sybelle already in the stash, I was just one clearance box of Rotten Belles and a proxy Copycat Killer away from a Seamus crew box worth of models. How could I resist?

Emeline Bellerose (alt Sybelle)

Emeline Bellerose is an alt Sybelle originally made available as a promo in August 2017 when buying enough Wyrd product from a local game store. Although the character she represents is undead, I decided to go with a cleaner, more ladylike appearance that most of my Resurrectionists.

Proxy Copycat Killer (Wild West Dorothy)

I’m still keeping an eye out for a Puppet Wars Seamus or Evil Baby Orphanage models for a more “official” proxy. But for now I’ve got this Wild West Dorothy from Reaper’s Chronoscope line. There’s some light conversion of giving her a bigger gun, and of course hats. The topmost hat is an extra from one of the Winter Wonderland Ice Gamin, so at least there’s some Wyrd product!

Finally, the Belles. They get my standard undead treatment, and individual colors to help distinguish them on the table.

Malifaux: Vintage McMourning

I got Vintage McMourning as a random promo a while ago. Now that I’m apparently doing Resurrectionists, it seemed appropriate to paint it up.

Vintage McMourning

I’ve taken McMourning as a second master in one game. He pretty much single-handedly won me the game. His ability to ignore a bunch of defensive abilities makes him super dangerous. Unfortunately, his discard-to-move-4″ ability doesn’t synergize with the Fading abilities that Molly brings to the table.

Malifaux: Pirate Archie

The Nightmare Brine and Bones box emphatically includes a hat for Archie. It even includes an alt stat card with the hat and the name Arrrchie. Who am I to argue?


My friend Sean was kind enough to provide a cutlass from Wyrd’s old Driftwood Docks accessory pack, to complete the pirate theme.

I tried to use a couple skin tone variants to drive home the idea that the limbs had been stitched together, though it doesn’t come through much on the end product.