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Malifaux: Fat Cap (Nightmare Metal Golem)

In most recent years, Wyrd has released a nightmare crew at Gencon, then an extra model in the same theme in Black Friday. This year, that’s Mad Cap, an alternate Metal Golem in the Malifaux 1988 theme.

This model was in softer plastic than most Malifaux, and sold pre-assembled. I believe it’s the same material as The Other Side. It’s not my favorite material, though it’s nicer than some PVC models.

Malifaux: Malifaux 1988 (Nightmare Mei Feng Crew)

Last year’s Nightmare crew was was anachronistic for Malifaux, a cyberpunk twist on Mei Feng

Gumdrop (Nightmare Mei Feng)

In this world, Mei rides the rails on roller blades, evidently. I wanted this crew to be brighter colored than most of my Malifaux, and selected orange as a color to tie them all together.

Mean Streak (Nightmare Kang)

The orange on Mean Streak is relegated to just a few accents.

Spritz (Nightmare Forgeling)

What fish wouldn’t want a robot body?

The Rail Workers each get a unique look. I especially like kangaroo-legged Tagline.

Malifaux 1988

Relicblade: Adepticon Alts plus a bonus Cat

These alts, slated for release at the Adepticon that wasn’t, were so popular they sold out within hours. Fortunately they were reprinted for slowpokes like me.

Lone Guard Infiltrator

They also act as previews for the currently running Storms of Kural Kickstarter. The project is for a new two-player starter set, featuring two four model warbands, each model representing a different faction. The stat cards were released in the second edition rulebook, but these are the first models available.

Iguan Marauder

The starter set is all single piece models, to be more accessible to people unfamiliar with metal models. These alt poses wouldn’t work in a single piece, but they aren’t exactly complex (torso and arms). I like slight posability, plus it would be easier to do simple conversions.

Warden of Justice

As a bonus, have a cat. You can never have too many cats in Relicblade.

A Iguan Marauder comes down the stairs to find a wizard about to light the brazier.