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Gaslands: The Initial Sextet

Gaslands has always caught my eye. Post-apoc weird cards crashing together, what’s not to love?

A few bits to choose from

So a picked out a five-pack of cars from Target and piled a table high with bits. What would come out other end?


I tried to strip most of the original paint from the cars using a wire wheel on a Dremel. I didn’t take out the plastic, so some places got marred.


By far the most common bit was extra bits from 15mm tank kits, either extra bits from Team Yankee or some Flames of War sprues I picked up as swag over the years.


But there are some others, like this missile pod, which came from a Reaper CAV kit.


Or sliced up random pieces of plastic, like the slats and door armor on Slats here.

Soccer Technical

I also got a North Star Implements of Carnage sprue, which gave some more specific bigs, like this gunner.


Wrex is by far the most highly converted piece. The cab is all that’s left of the original car. The treads and turret came from different 15mm tanks, while the arm came from the Implements of Carnage sprue. And then some green stuff tentacle cabling and assorted random bits to bring it all together.