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2017 Hobby Year in Review

Once again it’s time for a reflection on a year of hobby.


I started the year with a deadline looming. A Team Yankee campaign was getting started. I had just acquired enough models to fill out an army and only had about five weeks to get it table ready. I also had Dropzone Commander and Arena Rex backburnered.

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Arena Rex: Sulla

Sulla seems like a venerable general. His body is a wirey, but he holds himself regally. My package was missing one of his arms, but the fine folks at Red Republic sorted me out.


Now I have two complete six-man cohorts, so I can plop the models down in front of somebody and make them play me. Or I can just keep the pretty pretty models on a shelf and enjoy them just as much.

Arena Rex: Ywain

Continuing to build out, Ywain joins the ranks. I kept the red violet color for most of the color, with a bit of the reds I used for boots on my Bolt Action models.Ywain

YwainThe model comes with a cloak, but I decided that a lot of the Legio XIII had cloaks, so I’d let Ywain leave it behind. Hopefully I can use it for an interesting conversion somewhere down the line, although Arena Rex models are slightly larger scale than most.