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Terrain: TTCombat Post-Apoc Terrain

These two blisters from TTCombat expand my selection of post-apoc scatter terrain.

TTCombat Furniture

These pieces let me explore a couple of new-to-me techniques. I’ve long used (on these and other pieces) sponge chipping for rust. On the couches I used a sponge for dirt.

TTCombat Vending Machines

I also used AK weathering pencils, especially for rain streaks. It ended up almost invisible, but adds a hard-to-define authenticity to the terrain.

Terrain: Crooked Dice Post-Apoc Terrain

Along with Wreck Age models and terrain, I picked up some post-apoc terrain from Crooked Dice, the makers of 7TV, at Adepticon.

It’s a nice mix of fairly generic signage, although I wish I had picked up some walls to go with the gate. Maybe next year.

The pieces themselves are nicely detailed resin. All the signs came with a variety of different signs to put on the post.

Painting post-apoc terrain is a ton of fun, since the messier it looks the better. The only risk is letting things get too dark, like the lettering on the gate.

Ultramarines: Bikes and Attack Bikes

From time to time I’ll reach into the hobby vault to feature models painted before I started this blog.

I bought most of these bikes on an impulse back in the third edition timeline, though they didn’t see paint until around 2012. I never could quite pull the trigger on the dollar cost of an all-bike army, although I lusted after one.

I only had one attack bike from the olden days, with a metal sidecar. The other two were bought around when I painted them and are the newer all-plastic kits. Actually, that’s lie. I have an all-metal Rogue Trader era attack bike around somewhere.

The bikes are the last of my Ultramarines to get posted. It’s been a long road to get through them all. Next up will be my Dark Eldar.