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Fallout: Starter Box Super Mutants

Last time was the Survivors, now it’s time for the starter set Super Mutants.


The Aviator is the top dog. You can tell because he has the coolest hat. I gave each of the Super Mutants a different color to make it easier to refer to them.


Overall the Super Mutants faired better in the PVC, except for the Brute. His hammer’s shaft was hopelessly bent. I replaced it with a bit of styrene cut to size. Unfortunately I made it a bit too wide, so used green stuff to enlarge the segment between fists from the original model.

Super Mutant

This model is listed as a generic Super Mutant. How dull. He doesn’t even get a hat.

I’m underwhelmed by the Mutant Hound models. They seem to be fillers, both here and in the various other boxes of models. But maybe they’re useful point fillers, too.

Starter Set Super Mutants (group)

Fallout: Starter Box Survivors

I picked up the two-player starter for Fallout at the end of 2018, but didn’t actually play a game until late 2019. I’m a total sucker for post-apoc, and this skirmish game scratches that itch nicely. I haven’t tried the campaign or solo/coop modes yet, but just as independent games it plays pretty well.

Sole Survivor

The two-player starter comes with soft PVC models, which has all the issues common to that material. Muddy details, sometimes bendy parts. The sculpted bases are a nice touch, though.


I seem to have a hard time with realistic animals. I think it’s because you can’t hide behind sculpted details and actually need to paint the fur colors. For once I feel I actually captured something decent.

Enslaved Tech

The Enslaved Tech can be hired by both Survivors and Super Mutants, but since she’s human I’m including him here. His harness gives him more of a Mad Max look, but he’s a bit too scrawny to really pull it off.


Out of all the Survivors this Settler suffers the most from being in PVC. Most of the detail in the coat is missing, leaving a basic form.


The starter set calls this model another Settler, but the Survivors faction box calls it a Scavenger.

I’ve chosen Survivors as my starting faction, although I’ve got a smattering of other models as loaners or NPCs in some scenarios. I’m looking forward to fleshing out the collection and playing more of the game.

Chibi Pony Knight and Red Riding Hood

I’ve been buying chibis at Adepticon for the kids and I to paint. While I intend to paint them at the same time as the kids, I tend to get busy finding paints and giving them tips. So here are the last two years‘ worth.

Chibi Pony Knight

I used this knight as an excuse to try colorshift paint from Turbo Dork. It’s a little less subtle in life than in the photos. I haven’t quite decided whether I like that it’s subtle, or wish that it had a more obvious effect. In any case, an interesting product.

Chibi Red Riding Hodd

Red Riding Hood is a more typical model. I’m still surprised at how easy it is to make the eyes expressive.

Chibis (group shot)

For next year the kids have requested more realistic models. I may still get a chibi or two for myself.

Reaper: Post-Apoc Monsters

I bought these models from the Reaper Bones line to act as giant mutant monsters for post-apoc games. I’m never very happy with my results for animals, but somehow forget them that when buying them.

Dire Bear

The Dire Bear is pretty straightforward, and would be equally at home on a Relicblade board.

Were Armadillo

The Were Armadillo is probably favorite from the set. The integrated base was pretty badly warped, but I trimmed it down and then built up a little hill with green stuff.

Were Crocodile

The Were Crocodile is supposed to be painted like a black caiman, but I’m not sure it came through. At least it adds a bit more interest than just green through and through.