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Malifaux: Flying Piglets

I got Alphonse, so figured I’d keep filling out the Wong crew with some Flying Piglets.

Flying Piglet (brown wings)

These are nasty undead creatures. Not quite so explosive as a Stuffed Piglet, but more oozie.

Flying Piglet (green wings)

I added some Plaguebearer Flesh, a GW contrast paint, to random splotches to play up the undead quality. The translucent paint did the trick of tinting things an unnatural yellow-green.

Flying Piglet (skull)

Oops, somebody left this guy’s head in the pot for too long. Oh well.

Flying Piglets (group)

Malifaux: Void Hunters

The Void Hunters are the new minions for Tara in M3E. It comes packaged with the Scion of the Void, which I already had, so I got these with the special order program.

Void Hunter (blue)

They’re on 40mm bases, which I didn’t have a ton of in the Secret Weapon desert mesa style. But I did have a random swag base from Wargamma and decided to give it a go. It fits in well enough.

Void Hunter (red)

I don’t know if it’s intentional, but the poses on these models make me think of cats.

Void Hunter (white)

My core Tara crew is lightly painted on Wyrd’s translucent plastics, which is pretty much impossible to replicate with just paint. I guess the Void Hunters are a bit more corporeal than their friends.

Void Hunters group)