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Underworlds: Grashrak’s Despoilers

The beastmen of Grashrak’s Despoilers fills a gap in my general fantasy model collection. They could fill in for all kinds of evil beasties.


I’m particularly pleased with how the colors turned out. The flesh is definitely purple, but still fleshy. The yellow-green to the accents is loud, but since I often paint muted, it’s a nice change of pace.


I wanted the bases to reflect a more desolate region than Skaeth’s Wild Hunt. The woods are gray, the greens desaturated. It helps to make the colors on the figures stand out.

Grashrak’s Despoilers (group)

Underworlds: Skaeth’s Wild Hunt

I’m late to the Underworld bandwagon, but building the collection. The Beastgrave box seemed like a good choice, to give more game boards, dice, a second set of generic cards, and two warbands to boot.


As far as I can tell, this warband doesn’t really have a larger force within the Age of Sigmar universe, which makes it extra fun.


I’m especially pleased with how the bases turned out on this set. There are some decent blends between dirt and mossy sections.


I wish I had gone for a redder bronze on the metals, however. The flesh, orange fur, and golden metals all blend together a little too well.


Every group of centaurs and satyrs needs a pet cat.

Skaeth’s Wild Hunt (group)

Arena Rex: Crassus

Crassus is one of the beasts found found within the Arena Rex world. The photos don’t really show it, but it’s a massive model. Amusingly, if you take it in your cohort, after you ‘kill’ it, it becomes a living hazard. Don’t poke the bear!


As a bonus, it also comes with this secondary model. Crassus has been in the pit for some time, evidently. Perhaps a second hazard?

Crassus droppings

Arena Rex: Sereqet and Zahra

Sereqet is another of the beasts for Arena Rex. Like Caho-Ta and Ladon, it can optionally have a rider. In this case, Zahra is part of the Morituri starter.

Sereqet with Zahra

Like the other mounts, I drilled and glued in a small magnet to help the rider stay in place.


I wanted a metallic green for the carapace. It came out a bit on the chalky side, but I’m generally pretty happy with it.

As a bonus, this model would work as a pretty good radscorpion for This is Not a Test, Fallout, or other post-apoc games.