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Relicblade: Gilblin Fishers

These little fishies are the latest release for Relicblade. They form a new unit type, the Team. They must be hired in pairs, activate in pairs, and even share upgrades as a pair.

Gilblin Fisher (weapon down)

I liked the yellow on some of the studio models, but of course had to do something to be special. I decided mine would be striped.

Gilblin Fisher (weapon up)

These models have this awesome manic energy. The big expressive eyes were just begging to join in the fun. Now they’re ready to charge across the battlefield and trip their enemies.

The Deep, together at last

Fallout: Heroes of Sanctuary Hills (Male Sole Survivor, Dogmeat Scout, and Codsworth)

The Heroes of Sanctuary Hills box for Fallout Wasteland Warfare adds a three-pack of characters, including alternate stat cards for the Sole Survivor and Dogmeat.

Male Sole Survivor

The Sole Survivors get the classic blue vault jumpsuit. Instead of leather armor pads, like the starter box Sole Survivor, I went with metal. I’m much happier with the paint job on this one.

Dogmeat Scout

Dogmeat gets a cool bandana and goggles. The bandana is blue to match the Sole Survivor’s jumpsuits.


Codsworth gets pretty heavy weathering. It’s tough wandering outside for who knows how many decades.

Heroes of Sanctuary Hills

Fallout: Wasteland Vermin (Mole Rats, Radroaches)

The Wasteland Vermin box contains a bunch (9 altogether) of little annoying guys to get in your warband’s way.

Mole Rats (group)
Mole Rat

My one complaint for this box is that they’re all single pose. I wish there had been something different, at least for the mole rats.

Radroaches (group)

The radroaches got a couple of color variations just to keep things exciting.

Glowing Radroaches (group)
Glowing Radroach

I also did two of the radroach bases as the glowing variety. I decided not to do a glowing mole rat. There’s no card for one yet, and if there ever is one I can always get another box of the rats.