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Blitz Bowl: Chaos

Chaos is the last of my latest round of Blitz Bowl team powerups.

I really like this purple skin for beastmen. I did it for Underworlds and Blackstone Fortress. Why not Blitz Bowl?

I don’t love the pose of these blockers. There’s something classically GW about them, but my nostalgia for it isn’t quite powerful enough.

Chaos balls

I’ve only been painting half team boxes, then selling off or giving away the other half. It’s all I need for Blitz Bowl, and I don’t really have much desire for Blood Bowl. But Dungeon Bowl has me intrigued, and I think these half teams will be enough.

Blitz Bowl Chaos

Blitz Bowl: Undead

We had the halflings, now it’s time for a team with a different hunger.


The ghoul gets a distinct skin color, to help separate it from the rest of the team.


The mummy ended up with darker bandages than I had intended.

Wight Blitzer

The wight blitzer looks a lot like his less-powerful skeleton friends. The key is the winged helmet.

One of the zombies lost a finger during assembly. But, hey, zombie don’t care.

The undead team is unique in Blitz Bowl for having seven models on the team. They’ve even got two pairs of mooks, instead of triple linemen like so many others.

Blitz Bowl Undead team

Blitz Bowl: Halflings

The Halfling Blood Bowl team is a bit unusual for Blitz Bowl. First, there’s only one ball and coin sprue, which means you can’t just split it down the middle like most of them.

Second, there’s only one model marked as a runner per sprue, and four hopefuls. Glove guy here looks kind of runner-y, so he got the spot.

On the plus side, there are lots of alternate parts, so you can customize your team a good bit without needing to be clever.

Halfling Hefty

Plus, sausage decals.

For this round, I put the freestanding balls on 20mm bases. It makes them easier to handle.

Halfling team

Blitz Bowl Beast Mode

My daughter and I were getting set up for a game of Blitz Bowl, when my younger son said he wanted to play, specifically with the Ambull from Blackstone Fortress. So we whipped up some rules to add him as a third player.

Start of game: Deploy one Borewyrm, scattered from the trap door.

After each coach’s turn, the Ambull/Borewyrm gets an activation. As a Borewyrm, roll a D6. On a 6+, grow into the Ambull. On subsequent Borewyrm activations, grow as a 5+, 4+, and so on.

If still a Borewyrm, you can move 3 squares, regardless of other models, but must end the move in their own square. Similarly, other models can move ignoring the Borewyrm, but must not end in the same square.

If transforming into the Ambull, select a 2×2 square to expand into, pushing any models or balls in the area outward. Then, make up to two square move, including next to an opponent if desired. Finally, the Ambull can take a block action against an adjacent model. The Ambull always counts as assisted, and can reroll the block dice.

If the Ambull injures a model, it carries it off, and a new Borewyrm is spawned on the trap door. If not, the Ambull can move and block again on its next activation.

The Ambull can be attacked as usual, and has a 2+ armor save (though this never came up). The Borewyrm cannot be attacked.

This mode, while far from competitive, was quite effective at keeping both kids engaged. The Borewyrm would stalk a model until popping into the Ambull and eating somebody. The turns were short and simple enough it didn’t bog things down even though it happened after every player turn. Plus, I got focused on, giving me a handicap and making the game more fun for everybody.

The Ambull’s target rarely made its armor save (Wood Elves and Skaven), so the Ambull didn’t stay on the board for very long. It might need some tweaks to keep from blocking up the board for higher armored players.