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Blitz Bowl: Orcs

The other half of the Blitz Bowl box is orcs. These guys are nice an meaty, with a far more fantastic appearance than the humans.

Orc Thrower

The thrower is the most lightly armored (in appearance, anyways) of the group. Much like the humans, I quite appreciate that the pose clearly communicates the position.

Black Orc Blocker

I used contrast paints for the skin (Orc Flesh, handily enough), but highlighted after it was dry, and other paints for the rest of the models.

Orc Blitzer

I went through quite an emotional roller coaster while painting the blitzer. At first I thought he had a goofy looking head, perhaps from a few too many head butts. Then, after studying the stat card, I thought I had missed a helmet piece, though the sprue was long gone. Finally, I realized I painted the helmet in skin tones. Oh well, he can keep looking goofy, from too many head butts.

The linemen fill out the team.

I completed the accessories in the same way as the humans, though with a red metal for the coin, to match the red primary color on the orc uniforms.

Blitz Bowl Orcs (team)

Blitz Bowl: Humans

I’ve been hearing good things about Blitz Bowl, and I’ve been thinking about adding some smaller games that could fill gaps when the main game of the evening ends early. Plus, Blitz Bowl is marked as ages 8+, so should be good to play with the kids.

Blitz Bowl Human Blitzer

I wasn’t feeling super creative about it, so I went with the color scheme from the box art. I did use it as an excuse to play with GW Contrast paints, mostly for the yellow.

Blitz Bowl Human Catcher

The humans are, perhaps not surprisingly, the least fantastic of the Blitz Bowl teams. Most of them would pass in a more realistic sports game.

Blitz Bowl Human Thrower

I do appreciate that the Thrower and Catcher are easy to identify from their pose.

The bases come with holes for balls to be inserted when they’re carrying. I’m not sure it’s totally worthwhile, but it is fun. Maybe magnets would make it easier to insert/remove them.

Each teams comes with an assortment of accessories. Some people paint them in detail, but I decided to keep it simple. Both the token and the coin got oil washed to give some depth, but are otherwise single-color.

Human Blitz Bowl team