Blitz Bowl: Undead

We had the halflings, now it’s time for a team with a different hunger.


The ghoul gets a distinct skin color, to help separate it from the rest of the team.


The mummy ended up with darker bandages than I had intended.

Wight Blitzer

The wight blitzer looks a lot like his less-powerful skeleton friends. The key is the winged helmet.

One of the zombies lost a finger during assembly. But, hey, zombie don’t care.

The undead team is unique in Blitz Bowl for having seven models on the team. They’ve even got two pairs of mooks, instead of triple linemen like so many others.

Blitz Bowl Undead team

2 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: Undead”

    1. Thanks! That’s Reaper’s 9025 Burgundy Wine as a base, then some dark red wash (probably Secret Weapon Red Black), and drybrushing RMS 9026 Violet Red and then 9027 Pale Violet. They’re listed as violets, but some across as more of a deep red.

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