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Zealot: Berserk Minotaur and Head

I picked up these models years ago as part of a Kickstarter. It’s been sitting a box since then, waiting for its time. That time is now.

Berserk Minotaur

I didn’t really have much of a plan when buying, other than it being a cool model. It’s big, towering over its 50mm base. I have used it as a proxy for Nero in Arena Rex, and will find a way to shoehorn it into Relicblade.

Minotaur Head

As I recall, the head was a stretch goal. I’m thinking of a scenario where you have to defeat the bull, then bring the head back. Or maybe just defend it.

Berserk Minotaur and his fallen friend

Random: Fantasy Companions

If I’m going to play Rangers of Shadow Deep, I’m going to need some companions. That’s a great excuse to paint some of the random miniatures I’ve collected over the years.

Damiel, Iconic Alchemist

Damiel is one of the Reaper Bones from the first Bones Kickstarter. He’s going to be playing the role of Albert the Conjurer.

Deyni, Barbarian Warrior

This model was one I tossed in the cart when pledging for Zealot Miniatures minotaur Kickstarter. The minotaur is still sitting in the box, but at least something got some paint! She will be Laura the Barbarian. I imagine Laura Ingalls Wilder (of Little House fame) got left behind when the family moved, and had to fend for herself. Or maybe she fell into a dimensional portal.

Greatjon Umber

I got this model, from the A Song of Fire and Ice minis game, at the Adepticon flea market last year. It was a random addition the seller threw in. I had the whole starter box, but sold it off. He will be Shivertusk the Savage.


This wolf was in the box with HeroQuest and some other models. I’m not sure it’s story, other than that it has “WOTC” on the tab, and was in a square base. I assume it’s a D&D mini from around 2000. He will be Zero the Warhound.

Fantasy companions (group)